Hello Holiday

This week I went to my final exam and now I am officially a bachelor of Anthropology. How crazy is that?! My boyfriend and I celebrated that our vacation has just begun by doing a little bit of shopping, eating at our favourite café and going to see a theater play in a cosy little bar. It was a great day, but it ended quite early because we were both really tired.

The picture (from flickr, the picture will link you right back to the source) pretty much shows you were I would like to be right now. Something like it. At least just some place where the sun comes out. It doesn't seem like it'll come out to play any time soon here i Denmark. Anyway - I'm bound to stay because of my job and stuff like that. I guess the sun will come to say hi sooner or later anyway.

I've been looking so much forward to this vacation. I am going to read a lot of nice books, enjoy the weather (or so I hope.... Right now it's just stormy and raining - yay....), go to Germany with my boyfriend and have the time to take part in The Big Fat Summer Challenge hosted by Jennifer.

It'll be great! What will you be doing in your summer vacation?

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