Danish Summer

Welcome to Denmark! If you're wondering why it took me so long to get started on the Big Fat Summer Challenge it was due to the facts:
1. I didn't know where to start
2. And more importantly: I was waiting for the summer to come to Denmark

So the sun came out, summer said hello. And then left again. Most of the time the world looks like this from my point of view. Not exactly weather for short shorts, swimwear and sleeveless outfits. Also I'm staying at my parents for the weekend plus a few more days, so I don't have my lovely photographer/boyfriend by my side. I'm planning to come back strong next week though - let's hope that the summer has the same plans!


BFSC Wear a bodycon outfit

 As earlier mentioned I had my final exam last week. I am now a bachelor in anthropology and enjoying my vacation until my master studies begins in September. Vacation means a lot more time for the things you really want to do but usually don't really have the time to do - like reading books (except for the study related books of course...), baking nice things, walking around the city all day and taking pictures... Of yourself for example.

All this is leading up to the fact, that I am now checking the first challenge of the Big Fat Summer Challenge List. I have been looking forward to this day, but haven't had the time until now. Also I didn't now where to start until this morning when I asked my boyfriend to pick a number. He said 7, that meant Bodycon to me.

Kjole - HM / Denim jacket - Cassiopeia / Leggins - HM / Necklace - Pilgrim
Bag - bought at a French market / Sandals - Ecco
Up and close details of the necklace charm from Pilgrim. It was gifted to me by my little sister  years ago.
It means the world to me. 

Fortunately this dress was gifted to me by the very same boyfriend last week. I had been looking at this dress and others like it for a while online, so when I stumpled across it down town (and since I needed one for this challenge) it had to come home with me. 

Of course I didn't buy this dress just because of the challenge - I can't spend money that way. But I have to be honest with you; in the beginning I thought; "Fine... You'll buy the dress, wear it at home, let your boyfriend enjoy the look, get used to it and then.... maaaybeeee, wear it in public." What happened was this; I pulled it out of the bag, put it on, took the pictures and.... well, I went inside and changed to tights and shoes because, even though the Danish summer of mystery showed itself from it's pretty side today, it was too cold for sandals. At least it was too cold when we went out the door and... 

Went shopping down town. All day! In a bodycon outfit. For the first time ever (well... The bodycon part, not the shopping...). 


Hello Holiday

This week I went to my final exam and now I am officially a bachelor of Anthropology. How crazy is that?! My boyfriend and I celebrated that our vacation has just begun by doing a little bit of shopping, eating at our favourite café and going to see a theater play in a cosy little bar. It was a great day, but it ended quite early because we were both really tired.

The picture (from flickr, the picture will link you right back to the source) pretty much shows you were I would like to be right now. Something like it. At least just some place where the sun comes out. It doesn't seem like it'll come out to play any time soon here i Denmark. Anyway - I'm bound to stay because of my job and stuff like that. I guess the sun will come to say hi sooner or later anyway.

I've been looking so much forward to this vacation. I am going to read a lot of nice books, enjoy the weather (or so I hope.... Right now it's just stormy and raining - yay....), go to Germany with my boyfriend and have the time to take part in The Big Fat Summer Challenge hosted by Jennifer.

It'll be great! What will you be doing in your summer vacation?


Come fly with me

Sally Hansen Salon Effects 037 Fly with me

Det lykkedes mig alligevel at få fat i Sally Hansens Salon Effects. Jeg bliver helt glad i låget af at have dem på neglene og jeg elsker, at de ikke får neglene til at se falske ud. Det er praktisk talt bare et lag neglelak, som man river af et stykke plastik og sætter på neglen. Nice! Næste stop; Lær at bruge eBay, så jeg kan købe dem billigt!

I got my fingers on Sally Hansen's Salon Effects. I get happy everytime I look at my nails and I love that they don't make my nails look fake. It is actually just a layer of nail polish, that you put on your nail after removing all the plastic parts. Nice! Next stop: Learn how to use eBay, so I can buy them cheap!


Going home

Min telefon og jeg tog disse billede på min sidste tur hjem for et par uger siden. Der festede jeg med gode veninder, shoppede med min familie og hyggede mig helt vildt. Nå ja, og skrev eksamen. I dag tager jeg hjem igen. Og denne gang tager min kæreste med mig. Det bliver hyggeligt, gør det. Vi skal bare slappe af og fejre min mormors 70-års fødselsdag med familien. Nå ja, og måske kigge lidt på eksamen....

My phone and I took these photos on my last trip home a few weeks ago. Back then I partied with good friends, went shopping with my family and had the best time. Oh well, and wrote my exam too. Today I'm going home again and this time my boyfriend is going with me. It's going to be great. We're going to relax and celebrate my grandma's birthday (she's turning 70). Oh well, and maybe prepare a bit for exam... 


Bring on summer!

 Om en uge har jeg afsluttet min sidste eksamen på min bachelor. Og så har jeg sommerferie! Det har jeg ventet på virkelig længe og jeg glæder mig helt vildt. Indtil videre byder min sommerferie på:

In a week my last exam on my bachelor will be over. And my summerholiday is starting! I've been waiting for that for soooo long and I can't wait! So far my holiday will include:

Grillaftener på vores nye Weber-grill og en dejlig, dejlig koncert.

Barbeque nights with our new Weber-grill and a lovely, lovely concert. 

Berlin - Hamburg
Og kærestetur til Hamburg og Berlin. Faktisk tager vi afsted om præcist en måned og jeg glæder mig så meget. Hvis du har gode tips og tricks til de to byer, så hold dig endelig ikke tilbage!

And a trip with by boyfriend to Hamburg and Berlin. Actually we're going in exactly a month and I cannot wait. If you have any tips for the two cities, then don't be a stranger! 


Big Fat Sommer Challenge

Jennifer fra Jasifers Lions Club har startet en sommerudfordring, som hun har fået lokket mig med til. Jeg havde lige brug for lidt tid til at tænke, fordi nogle af udfordringerne faktisk er... ja, udfordrende for mig. Under alle omstændigheder, har jeg besluttet mig for at hoppe med de andre piger på vognen og gøre det så godt jeg kan. Er allerede ret nervøs ved tanken om korte short, bodycon outfit, stropløst og ja... Op til flere ting på listen faktisk.
Men hvad søren... Det kan vel ingenting skade? Jeg kan dog risikere at skulle på shoppingtur, fordi nogle af udfordringerne slet ikke er repræsenteret i mit skab.

Nu ved du, at udfordringen er der. Vil du være med? Så ta' lige og skriv til Jennifer! Læs hendes oprindelige indlæg her.

Jennifer from Jasifers Lions Club started a summerchallenge, and she talked me in to joining. I needed a little time to think, since some of the challenges actually are quite... well, challenging for me. But I decided to join the other girls and do the best I can. I am already quite nervous about short shorts, bodycon, strapless and... Yeah, well... A few more things on the list. 
But what the heck... It can't really hurt, can it? I am risking quite a lot of shopping though, since a few of the challenges aren't even in my closet. 

Now you know about the challenge, are you going to join? Write Jennifer then! And read her post about the Big Fat Summer Challenge right here
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