I was never much of a dancer

I love music and I've been singing all my life. I'm not one of those people with no rythm at all, but I've never been the first on the dancefloor. More likely the last. Or the one who never got there. I just feel awkward and silly and sure that all eyes are on me! 

I love music and I love the music of the Danish Tina Dico. I love the way she tells stories and puts words to my feelings - and now she did it again! I love this song so much that my boyfriend is getting tired of it. Too bad for him that her new album will be out next week. 

What do you think? Do you like it? 


Plus Size Outfit Day

After reading about the "Plus Size Outfit Day" at Katha I decided to join right away. This month's theme is "Black&White" and even though I must admit I'm not a big fan of white I just wanted to join in the fun from the beginning. This is actually the only piece of white clothes I have. I think there must be a rule about white clothes; wear them and get dirty! That's just so unpractical!

Anyway! Here's my "Black&White"-ouftit:

Blazer - Zay / Top - HM+ / Jeans - ZJ / Shoes - ShoeBiz

And now you're at it; check out all the other lovely ladies rockin' black and white today:

 Melanie (Switzerland):
miss BARTOZ (Germany):
Rubenia (Germany):
Katha (Germany):
Miss Temple (Germany):
Els (The Netherlands):


Sunday Look Back (week #34)

Once again my lists will be very short, 'cause I basically spend all my time working!

This week's ups:

  • My friend finally came home from Asia! It's so nice to talk to her again.
  • The second of three weeks of fulltime work is over. 
  • Me and my boyfriend had a few great, cosy evenings with good movies.
  • It's nice that my sister is closer! I've seen her twice this week and we'll go there as soon as I post this!
  • I'll probably never run out of tea....  
  • I love the new single from Tina Dico! And I can't wait to hear her new album. 

This week's downs:

  • I think summer has left the country for good. 
  • I've been so tired all week from working a lot. 

Couldn't have done without:

  • My sister
  • My boyfriend
  • My mum
  • My dad
  • My friend

Could've done without:

  • Rain!
  • Tired feet. 
  • Evacuation at work.

Next week will be great because: 

  • I'll have a few short days at work, which means more time for myself. 


Sunday Look Back (week #33)

Compared to last week's bullet point overload this week will probably seem event less. This is because my holiday is pretty much over and this week (as the next two) is spend at work, about 45 hours a week. That pretty much sets the limit for exciting and varying things to happen. But I'm happy.

This week's ups:

  • The first of three weeks of fulltime work is over. And it went by quickly. 
  • I like my job!
  • I finally have music on my iPod again. 
  • Last sunday we made pizza on our Smokey Joe. And apparently we're making a Sunday tradition - we're doing it again tonight! 
  • I bought great hair products to take better care of my hair. 
  • I had a great night last night. I went out for dinner at a café with my boyfriend, listened to music and met nice people. 
  • The weather has been great! 

This week's downs: 

  • The weather has been great - and I've been inside at work. 
  • Today it is sooooo hot that I can't even relax in our apartment - 29,7 degrees; hello shadow! 
  • I've been having a few "off days" - but I got through. 

Couldn't have done without:

  • My boyfriend
  • Water
  • Nice music
  • Shadow

Could've done without:

  • Off days

Next week will be great because: 

  • My friend will be home from to months of travelling
  • My littlesister will move to town! 


Rock, peace and harmony

Here's what I wore yesterday. Most of the time it was too hot to wear the blazer, so I took it off. But I was glad I finally got to wear it. When I was younger I was a bit more "hippie"-ish and those things kinda stays close to your heart, so I couldn't help it when I saw this sequin peace sign. 

Blazer - Zay / Knitted t-shirt - Zay / Jeans - Zhenzi / Ballerinas- ShoeBiz


What's cooking?

My boyfriend and I fired our smokey joe up sunday evening. My mum gave me a pizza stone for my birthday and it was time to try it out! I'll (almost) let the pictures speak for them selves - but I have to add; it was good! I can't wait to do it again.

Warming up the stone / Making the crust
Pizza pepperoni before / And after baking
We made Italian buns with the dough left overs / Pizza with zuchinni, red pepper, sundried tomatoes and parmesan
Pizza with parma ham and parmesan / Buns after baking


Sunday Look Back (week #32)

This week's ups (Warning; there's a lot!):

  • Spending the first days of the week at my parent's.
  • I had a wonderful day with my mum and my boyfriend at the mall in Kolding. 
  • ... Where I couldn't stop smiling at the pretty blue birds. Sometimes it's the small things, you know. 
  • I felt like the younger me, when I couldn't resist from taking a picture with the blue sunnies. 
  • American recipes can no longer keep me from baking, because of my measuring cup, that I got for my birthday. 
  • Also I got to wear another birthday present; The pretty earrings from Pilgrim that my sister got me. 
  • And another birthday present (from me to me); The Asos curve dress that I'm wearing here. It arrived friday - just in time for:
  • Me and my boyfriend's three years anniversary. 
  • I had a few good days at work.
  • I coloured my hair. 
  • And I was totally starstruck when Danish singer/songwriter Tina Dico became a follower of me on Instagram. I'm even blushing now. 

This week's downs: 

  • Taking your bike to work isn't all that fun when it's raining. 
  • I really miss my friend who's been travelling for a (too) long time. 

More ups: 

  • I just figured out how to "draw" doodles on pictures, thanks to Katha. In case your wondering why I'm using doodles a lot - I'm just very excited about it.
  • I went to the beach with my boyfriend and my parents. 
  • And took a lot of cute pictures (we don't usually see oisters at the beach here). 

Couldn't have done it without:

  • My boyfriend.
  • A few days of summer. 

Could've done without:

  • Rain.

Even more ups:

  • We had a wonderful day celebrating our "day of love". 
  • And the weather was great!
  • We had delicious ice cream.
  • And the city was full of life, just the way I like it.

Next week will be great because: 

  • Hopefully summer will stay a few more days.
  • I might be going home to my childhood town for a few great concerts.


Three years of love

So today is our three years anniversary. I ordered this dress from Asos Curve and hoped it would be here in time, so I could wear it today. It's actually my first piece ever from Asos, so I was quite nervous that it wouldn't fit, but it did - and it's so nice I'm actually thinking about getting it in red too. 

Dress - Asos Curve / Purse - Monki / Shoes - Chinashop in Copenhagen
And now you might be thinking; "If it's her three years anniversary why's she blogging?" I'll tell you why. When we woke up we took our time and got ready for a day in town. We dressed up, I did my hair, put on my make-up and we went out with no other plan than having a good time. We had been talking about going to the museum or playing mini golf at a mall roof. But we started by walking around down town, holding hands and going to a few shops. Then we had lunch at a great little sandwich shop and went for Italian ice cream (for once the weather is wonderful!). 

When it came to deciding on what we wanted to do for the afternoon we were both quite tired and we just felt like going back home to relax. And that's why the pictures are just taken at home instead of at a fancy museum or at a roof top or restaurant. And eventhough it could have been fun to do stuff all day it's really nice to just sit at home as well. Especially since that's what we both felt like doing. In a minute I'll go make some brownies, my boyfriend will start our smokey joe and we'll put som Asti in the fridge. In the end it doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you do the things you want to do.

No anniversary without kisses:


Something new.

A few posts ago I gave you a lot of random facts about me, one of them being that I haven't coloured my hair for more than two years. However "rules" are meant to be broken and so I broke the "you don't need to colour your hair"-rule yesterday. 

So today my hair is new. So is the shirt and the scarf. I wore this to work today and now I'm almost already ready to go to bed. To days at work really made me tired - wonder how it'll turn out when I have three weeks in a row. I guess I should just enjoy my weekend and worry about it on monday.

What are you up to this weekend?

Shirt - Yppig / Long lined top - Zay / Jeans - Zizzi Jeans
Shoes - ShoeBiz / Scarf - Unknown / Earrings - Pilgrim


Remember to vote!

 Just wanted to remind you all that the voting poll for the Big Fat Summer Challenge is open four more days and that you can vote every day! So check out the poll at Jasifers Lions Club and vote for the girl you think did the best job with the challenge. We're all winners just by participating in the challenge and everyone did a great job. Now's the time to pick out the winner, so remember to vote. I'm thankfull for every vote I get.

This is the first outfit I did for the challenge, and I remeber being very nervous! You can see all my BFSC-posts by clicking one of the tags in the bottom of this post.


Sunday Look Back (week #31)

This week's ups:
  • Recieving a postcard from a very missed friend. 
  • I had time to catch up with a friend I haven't been talking to for ages.
  • I had a lovely day with my family in Aarhus before my sister and I....
  • ... Went to a great concert with Mads Langer and James Morrison.
  • My sister, my boyfriend and me went home to my parent's on my birthday. It feels so nice to be back home (that's the funny thing about moving away; you get to have two homes). 
  • I love my birthday presents. I got great music, stuff for the kitchen, beauty products and lovely jewelry. 
  • My boyfriend gave me these beautiful earrings (see picture above) that I've had on my "wish list" for several years (actually I didn't put them on my wish list, because they cost too much for a birthday present). 
  • I cooked and baked all day yesterday for the birthday party for my family. And it was a succes. 
  • I finished the Big Fat Summer Challenge and I'm proud of it.
  • I recieved an iPod that's not broken.
  • The sun has been shining a lot.
  • Today I've been enjoying that I have time to relax.
  • That I have so many bullets on "This week's ups". 

This week's downs:
  • My feet really hurt after the concert, because we had been walking around town all day and standing up at the concert for almost four hours. 
  • I finished the Big Fat Summer Challenge, which means I can't have fun with it no more.
  • It's been raining a lot.

Couldn't have done without:
  • A roof over my head to shelter me from the rain.
  • My family and my boyfriend. 

Could've done without:
  • Headaches 

Next week will be great because: 
  • I'll probably recieve a beautiful dress from Asos. 
  • I might get to wear my new blazer.
  • I'll celebrate our three years anniversary with y boyfriend.

It's voting time

Everything must come to an end and the Big Fat Summer Challenge is a part of everything. The lovely Jennifer have done the most wonderful job hosting the challenge and now she has put the voting pole together. Every participating girl has done a great job and ten girls completed the challenge. From today and a week forward you can vote for whomever you think did the best job - and you can vote every day.

Jennifer made a great summary of all the outfits and I borrowed the one with me to show you. Click here to check out the other nine girls who completed the challenge and pick your favorite (and vote for her!).


23 random facts about me

Today I'm turning 23 and because of that I give to you 23 random facts about me, partly ordered by you and your questions:
  1. My favorite colour changes every once in a while (especially according to seasons). Last fall/winter it was bordeaux red and this spring/summer it's been bright blue.
  2. In a week and a day my boyfriend and I have been together for three years.
  3. Once upon a time y hair was red (see picture above) but I haven't coloured my hair for more than two years now. Also; I used to have shorter hair, and now I'm in a weird place in between where I can't figure out what to do with it. 
  4. I play a little bit guitar (but I'm very bad at it).
  5. And I sing. Or used to sing before I moved to Aarhus to study. I think about how much I miss singing almost every day. I love singing and I love music.
  6. That's one of the reasons that I had "You make me feel" written on the back of my red iPod. It's a quote from a beautiful song that I used to sing and it says something about what music does and means to me. Also it was gifted to me by my boyfriend, so it also reminds me of how he makes me feel; loved and like "A natural woman". Ah, that was a cheesy fact! 
  7. I never throw the microwave-popcorn bag out right away after putting the popcorns in a bowl. I always leave it on the table to cool off, because I'm afraid it's too hot and will set the garbage on fire. Silly, I know. But I just can't. 
  8. My boyfriend and I have been living unofficially together for almost two years, officially almost a year. We live in a single room apartment which doesn't leave us with much space, but where there is love, there's room for a home. 
  9. I fart more and louder than my boyfriend (he want's to add "smellier" to the list, but I'm not sure that's true)
  10. I'm truly and deeply in love with London (and Rome and and Hamburg and Berlin and Barcelona and...). I miss the city almost all the time and I've been so mad at the Olympics taking my chances to go there this summer because of prices going up, crazy crowds and stuff like that.
  11. I've never owned a pair of high heeled shoes and I just can't walk in them. Little devils. 
  12. Until 11 months ago I hadn't worn a pair of jeans (or any other kinds of pants) for five years! All about the skirts and dresses.
  13. Apart from heartaches the worst thing I've tried was when I was really, really sick and had to sing in front of 700 people. I had no voice, drank SO much tea and did everything I could to get my voice back. I cried all day and to this day I haven't seen the video of me on stage that night. 
  14. I've never seen a Star Wars or James Bond movie. And I've only seen the first Lord of the Rings movie, but I've fallen asleep both times. 
  15. I don't have a tattoo, but I have had the drawing picked out for several years. You can see it in the picture above. It symbolises my passion for music and singing. I haven't done it yet, because I'm not sure where I should put it. And I take that as I sign that I'm not ready yet.
  16. I love watching Desperate Housewives on TV (and the last season is not yet over in Denmark so I'd appriciate it if you don't tell me what happens - THANKS!), but also How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Topgear, Sex and the City, Mythbusters and more serious stuff like documentaries and a show that's called "Presselogen" where people from Danish news medias talk about how news have been presented the last week. 
  17. I am studying anthropology and I'm starting my masters in a month. What I like best about anthropology is the part where we study people's personal stories. My bachelor thesis was about depression and how it affects human identity. 
  18. I've been to Russia twice, Estonia once and Scotland twice. 
  19. Some of my best experiences also includes singing in front of 700 people - just without being sick. My trips to Russia is on the list too along with seeing the wonderful Stevie Wonder live in concert. 
  20. I'm a big and loyal fan of the Danish singer-songwriter Tina Dico. 
  21. Since I moved into my boyfriend's apartment I'm always the one to get the mosquito bites. He haven't had one since I put my name on the door. 
  22. My favorite food also changes with the season (and with the fact that when I love something I make it often - and then I get tired of it and throw my love on something else). In the end I just like food that is well made. Among the favourites right now are hummus, curry, lasagne, various salads and nachos with guacamole. 
  23. I never watch scary movies because I'll be freaked out by it for several months after watching one - what if the murderer/creepy girl/etc. hides behind THAT door?! Among my favourite movies are Juno, I am Sam, 500 days of Summer and The Lovely Bones.


La Basilica Galeria stole my heart

Yesterday I promised you to tell you more about the jewelry place in Barcelona that welcomes you with this beautiful lady:

And let me just start by saying that this is by no way a sponsored post. It's just an expression of my imediate and overwhelming fascination of the place and I've been wanting to write about it ever since.
The place is called La Basilica Galeria (just click the link and you will come straight to their website) and is filled with contemporary art and beautiful jewelry. It's near to the Cathedral and we stumbled across it by coincidence, but I guess it won't be too difficult to find it again - or for the first time; if you go to Barcelona be sure to bring you euros and your but by this store!

Inside you will meet this wonderful, beautiful lady. She's called Carmen and is covered in swarovski crystals. If you want, as far as I remember, you can talk about the price with the designer. And here's another thing I loved about this place; this piece along with others comes with a beautiful story. Carmen is a woman-cameleon and desperate to fit in she changes her identity whenever she meets someone new. She changes physically as well as mentally and she even turns into an animal when she's among animals and becomes tree-like when she's among plants.

This story about the social construct and the ever changing nature of our identity echoed in my head as I went further into the gallery. It reminded me that I could be whomever I want to be and wear whatever I want to wear, because that would just be another aspect of my flowing identity. And maybe that's why I fell in love with almost every single piece of jewelry in the shop - 'cause I have to admit; there was a lot of very beautiful, simple pieces but they were all accompanied by very strange (but still very beautiful!) statement pieces. And some of them weren't my style at all. But in the end they all made me smile, 'cause they were beautiful in their own ways. All of them. And in the end; If I want a big scull or a yellow rubber duck-ring to be my style - then I can just be that girl! 

However. I didn't have the money to bring all the pieces I loved home with me. I litterally went around the shop and declared my love to another piece every few seconds. I actually almost left without anything because I didn't really have the money. But I had my Visa-card with me and after leaving the shop emptyhanded but with a stomach ache from sadness (I know... it sounds crazy and shopahollic-like), I went back and bought my self a small box with beauty inside. 

As long as I call it (one of) my birthday gift(s) to myself it's alright. Especially since I've been looking for swallow earings for ages. And these just melted my heart right away;

And here they are in action:

Okay, before you go! (I know I've been babbling on for forever). Here's the link for the website of La Basilica Galeria once again. And do you know what the really cool part is? You don't even have to go all the way to Barcelona to check it out. Everyday they put up a new piece on the website and you can just send them a mail if you're interested! They will tell you the price, how to pay and figure out what to do with delivery.

And you can have another look at a shot I took in the store:

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