Sunday Look Back (week #31)

This week's ups:
  • Recieving a postcard from a very missed friend. 
  • I had time to catch up with a friend I haven't been talking to for ages.
  • I had a lovely day with my family in Aarhus before my sister and I....
  • ... Went to a great concert with Mads Langer and James Morrison.
  • My sister, my boyfriend and me went home to my parent's on my birthday. It feels so nice to be back home (that's the funny thing about moving away; you get to have two homes). 
  • I love my birthday presents. I got great music, stuff for the kitchen, beauty products and lovely jewelry. 
  • My boyfriend gave me these beautiful earrings (see picture above) that I've had on my "wish list" for several years (actually I didn't put them on my wish list, because they cost too much for a birthday present). 
  • I cooked and baked all day yesterday for the birthday party for my family. And it was a succes. 
  • I finished the Big Fat Summer Challenge and I'm proud of it.
  • I recieved an iPod that's not broken.
  • The sun has been shining a lot.
  • Today I've been enjoying that I have time to relax.
  • That I have so many bullets on "This week's ups". 

This week's downs:
  • My feet really hurt after the concert, because we had been walking around town all day and standing up at the concert for almost four hours. 
  • I finished the Big Fat Summer Challenge, which means I can't have fun with it no more.
  • It's been raining a lot.

Couldn't have done without:
  • A roof over my head to shelter me from the rain.
  • My family and my boyfriend. 

Could've done without:
  • Headaches 

Next week will be great because: 
  • I'll probably recieve a beautiful dress from Asos. 
  • I might get to wear my new blazer.
  • I'll celebrate our three years anniversary with y boyfriend.

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