BFSC Wear a high waisted bottom

The sun is finally here (but the weather man says it'll be gone tomorrow....) so I took the opportunity and threw this outfit together when I got back home from a wonderful afternoon, which I spend in town with a friend and "her" two little boys (guess I need to tell you, that she's a fulltime nanny, just to get that clear). I changed clothes because:

1. What I was wearing before was a bit too hot for a walk with my boyfriend
2. I wanted to post another outfit for the Big Fat Summer Challenge before I'm going to Germany
3. I'm trying to figure out what I'm throwing in my suitcase for the trip. This might be an option! 
4. I wanted to show you my legs again... Oh wait; that wasn't one of my reasons, but you sure have been seeing a lot of my pale legs lately! 

Cardigan - Zhenzi / T-shirt - (very old) HM / Skirt - Carmakoma /
Bag - Friis & Company / Shoes - ShoeBiz

It's the first time I've been wearing this skirt without tights and I never even thought I would do that. But I figured it's a waste to put it in the back of my closet, just because it's too hot for tights. And I also figured that the reason I joined this challenge in the beginning was that I wanted to challenge my self and experiment with my outfits - so here it goes!

And last but not least; a close up to show off my new lipstick. I've been looking for an "everyday"-red since forever and I (well... actually my boyfriend) found it the other day. I'm so happy about it! Next step; Do something about my hair! I'm tired of it almost every day, because it has that lenght just in between where it's hard to style, because it's either too long or too short. And because my hairdresser forgot to cut it thin enough and therefore it takes forever to dry or straighten. And because the tips of my hair have their own lifes and wont stop pointing in every direction. I can't quite figure out if I should get a haircut, let it grow long, colour it or.... Well, I don't know. If you have any ideas please say so! At least I like the braid I did today.

Oh well; with this post I'm checking off the fourth challenge. Almost halfway!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Anonym5.7.12

    You are super beautiful, girl ! Nice outfit to :)

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for your comment! :)

  2. Loving your confidence girl! you're shining!:D love the skirt on your, and those flats are super cute, me wants! :D Love the braid too, I always wanna do that to my hair but i have no patience lol, and my arms start hurting after like a min of braiding, lol. so I always give up, love your braid so much!

    1. Thank you so much!
      You know... Practice makes perfect - it took me soooo long to get the braiding-thingy into my fingers, but I got there - and so can you. And right now it's pretty much the only thing I can do with my hair (it's not even long enough for a ponytail) so I have to work it ;)

  3. Er vild med nederdelen - you go girl!! Og jeg kan virkelig godt lide fletningen... lad det gro, er mit råd... og så mere fletning... har du prøvet id's glossy glos, tror jeg den hedder - sådan noget der lige fikser langt uregerlig hår i en håndevending... var afhængig før jeg klippede hele møget af... tjek på den der nicehair...eller hvad den hed... den er så god!!

  4. Tusind tak for tippet, det tjekker jeg lige ud! :D

  5. Mine to dejlige babyer <3 Og tak for en hyggelig dag, du er skøn, er du!
    Som jeg altid har sagt; Du er altså en utrolig køn pige. Og synes det er så sejt, at du tager denne udfordring op (ikke forstå negativt), for jeg tør sgu ikke...

    Lots of love <3
    // Hugs

    1. Ja, de er sgu dejlige. :D Selv tak! Og i lige måde. Ved du, hvad jeg fandt da jeg kom hjem? To pakker forladt Compeed-plaster med henholdsvis to og tre plastre i. D'oh. :P

      Og tusind tak! Jeg ved udmærket, hvad du mener og tager det slet ikke negativt. Jeg er helt med. ;) Men det er egentlig mest bare sjovt. Så det føles slet ikke så farligt.


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