Travelling the world (... or Europe...)

Right now I should be off to Hamburg (and probably really really bored in a bus. Also if you're wondering why I'm not responding/publishing comments etc. it's because my computer is taking the next few days off). So let's thank the fact, that I figured out how to do planned posts. I've never been that kinda girl, that travelled the world and visited a new country every year with my family. We just always had other priorities and visited beautiful places in Denmark instead.

In my teenage years I went out of the country for the first time ever and went to the ever beautiful Scotland. Later on I visited Rome, Russia, Scotland again, Russia again, Estonia, France, London and London again. So it's not that I haven't seen anything at all, it's just that there's too many places I still want to see. Luckily I'm still young and kinda free and this year I'm checking three places off of my list: Hamburg, Berlin and last week I planned a trip to Barcelona with my sister.

I can't wait to get to Germany and I can't wait to get to Spain. I can't help to love this summer!

If you have any tips for Barcelona; don't be a stranger!

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