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 I can't believe my arms are looking SO pale in these pictures. I mean... I know... I live in Denmark, but I just came home from Barcelona! And when I look at my arms in real life I feel quite sunkissed. I guess I was just REALLY white before, and now I'm just... well, a little less really white.

I brought the sun home with me and the weather man says it'll stay for a day more. Then the rain will come back. I'm the lucky one who's working the summer days away. But I' still trying to enjoy the sun as much as possible. This afternoon I went for a walk with my boyfriend dressed all in black. Maybe it isn't the best colour for summer days, but this outfit is very comfortable. At least most of the time - more on that in a moment...

Top - Carmakoma / Jeans - Zizzi Jeans / Shoes - ShoeBiz
I fell for the weaving of the top right away, unfortunately it's very hard to take a picture of it that shows it well. But for your information (and imagination) it's all small flowers, that are twisted into each other. However... I don't wear it all that often, because the fabric is also very "wrinkly". I can hardly wear it without it getting wierd, wrinkled lines all over and it doesn't exactly look good. I litterally took these pictures just after putting it on.

And here's the reason for all the wrinkles:

The top always curls up like that. So I walk around pulling it down all the time. But then... If I don't want to stand up all day and actually sit down it's crazy how much it wrinkles. Like this dress. And it's such a shame.

Anyway; Here are a few more pictures. I usually don't go around sleeveless, but when it's really hot during summer I really can't bother...

Watch - Urban Outfitters/ Necklace - Unknown (bought in Notre Dame, Copenhagen)
Ring - Skagen / Nail polish - Essie "Size matters"
This last picture is really blurry, because we were in a pretty dark tunnel when it was taken. However the grafitti is cool and it shows the outfit pretty well anyway! 

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