In my bag

Here's what's in my bag these days. Along comes medication for headaches, extra city maps, extra shoes, bottles of water and stuff like that. I love travelling! And now we're pretty much ready to go. 

Travel diary - Søstrene Grene / Sunglasses - HM / Lipbalm - Mentholatum / Lipgloss - Yves Saint Laurent
Camera - Olympus / Book about Berlin - Momondo / Phone cover - Pieces (with my HTC Rhyme inside)
Wallet - Camden Market  / Book for reading on the bus (five hours to get there, nine hours to get home!), it's called
"Theses on the existence of Love" / iPod / Wet Wipes - HM / Passport - Denmark ;)

We'll hit Hamburg tomorrow (Saturday) and Berlin on Monday. And I cannot wait! Ich bin bereit.

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