Sunday Look Back (week #30)

Inspired by Katha's "Snaps of Happines"-posts I'm gonna give this "weekly summary"-thing a shot, because I think it's good to look back - especially on the good things. I'll see how these posts will turn out from week to week - and I guess; if they have to, the less happy things will find it's way into the posts as well, since life is full of ups and downs. 

This week's ups:

  • I had a wonderful time with my sister in Barcelona!
  • After a week with my sister and away from home it was nice to come back to the arms of my boyfriend. 
  • Summer in Denmark (which didn't last that long... Hope it'll come back. It'll come back.... right?)
  • Finally being able to make dinner on our new Smokey Joe for the first time. 
  • I was able to do my hair like this two days in a row. That's a crazy succes since I'm really bad at doing my hair. 
This week's downs:
  • I found out that my good English friend and I was in Barcelona at the same time for a few hours - after I came back. 
  • My personalized iPod broke on the airplane on the way home.
  • Spending my Sunday with a migraine.
Couldn't have done without:
  • Sunscreen
Could've done without:
  • Well... migraine and a broken iPod
Next week will be great because
  • I'll have the next few days off
  • I'll be going to a wonderful concert with my sister
  • I'll turn 23 on Friday

Oh, and now we're at the more personal things; why not ask me something you want to know about me here?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hæ! får næsten lyst til at sende dig et kæmpe fødselsdagskort :D

    1. Du skal da være hjerteligt velkommen ;)

  2. Aww, I love that you're taking inspiration from my posts... love the look into the next week as well, I may have to add that to my next post as well :)


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