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I spend the last few days in my boyfriends family's vacation house by the sea. We were lucky enough to see the sun for some of the time (but we were also stuck inside due to the pouring rain at times), and we had a wonderful time walking around in the most beautiful little town called Ebeltoft and babysitting my boyfriends cute little nephew. 

The vacation house by the sea also means; pretty much no internet! So I left my computer at home, but asked my boyfriend to bring his camera so I could put a few outfit posts together for Jennifers Big Fat Summer Challenge when I got back home. And here I am! 

Shorts - HM+ / Shirt - New Look Inspire / Top (underneath) - Nanna Xl
Sandals - Ecco / Watch - Urban Outfitters

I wore this outfit to Ebeltoft. The sun was out, we had amazing tapas at the cutest little restaurant and just had a great time. I bought these shorts on sale last week. I'm in love with the blue colour at the time so I liked the shorts right away. When I found my size on sale I couldn't resist. 

 So I bought the shorts. Even though I had my doubts - would I even wear them? For the longest time I have been a skirt/dress kinda girl, and I didn't were any kind of pants for several years. Also I had a few years of not wearing anything but tights afraid of showing of my legs, I guess. Anyway; here I am, growing up, wearing jeans regularly - and shorts too! I have a feeling I'm going to live in these this summer. Love 'em! I guess, the term "short shorts" is relative - but to me this is short shorts, since it's the first time for me in ages wearing something above the knee.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I adore you in shorts :D and you!! You look great, and your bf is so nice for taking your pics! I love that you're challenging yourself and experimenting and feeling good about it :D yay xoxo

    1. Thank you! I know - he's the best! I actually think he's enjoying the photographer-part.
      I'm really enjoying this challenge and the "breaking boundaries".

  2. God farve... og flotte ben!
    Og tak for babysitting... han havde haft en super dag!! (og det havde moderen også...)

    1. Tak! Og selv tak! Han er altså en lille solstråle.


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