Today I am so, so, so happy! This might not be a normal post, but I just have to shout it out. Today I spend sooo much money on something I've never been thinking about before. Usally I would say that this falls into category with spending money on ink for your printer or going to the dentist or something like that, but actually I was more than excited about paying up.

My reading glasses are finally here! The last week I've been reading with temporary glasses and it has changed SO much for me. For the last three years (at least!) I've been suffering from headaches and migrains several times a week. For the last week? Zero. It's amazing. I read faster, I find it easier to understand what the text says, I am not getting tired from reading (at least not tired eyes).

And the glasses I got today are even better. They are so comfortable I hardly notice I'm wearing them. I'm so excited to find out what this will mean to me. And I'm so glad that for once I'm looking forward to reading, because it no longer means I'll be hurting at the same time.

How awesome is that?!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats to you and you look amazing with this glasses. They gild you.

    Sunny greetings, P

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. Hej Marlene!

    Jeg bakker igen. Kan du fortælle mig som forfatter af bogen "being danish" præsenteres den har thou i katastrofal?

    Hilsen fra Petra

    1. Hi Petra.

      The author of being Danish is by the anthropologist Richard Jenkins. :)

    2. Mange tak Marlene, Jeg fandt det på Amazon.


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