Sunday Look Back (Week #35)

This week's ups:
  • My boyfriends birthday - he was so happy about his present! 
  • I finished my three weeks of (more than a) full time job. 
  • I've been to the most wonderful apartment.
  • My boyfriend and I went to the theatre. 
  • I baked a lot of good stuff for my boyfriend's birthday "party" with his family today and we all had a great time. 
  • I really don't like ladders, but I did the "balloon"-job anyway! I'm that cool. It's okay to be proud of yourself when you complete things like that, even though you're sure you'll hurt yourself/fall down/die....
  • I got a unexpected late birthday present from a friend of mine. I've been wearing that bracelet every day since. 
  • I bought a nice cookbook with cake recipes. Just beautiful cakes (which is really ironic, since I'm planning on starting a diet tomorrow) 

This week's downs:
  • The most wonderful apartment will never be mine. 
  • I've been so, soo, sooo tired! 

Next week will be great because:

  • My studies begin tomorrow!
  • Tina Dico's new album will be out tomorrow. 
  • I'll probably, hopefully, have the time to relax. 

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