Instant Love

Skirt - New Look Inspire / Cardigan - Style369 / Jeans - New Look Inspire
Necklace - Ladybirdlikes / Bag - Asos
I had a few "in love at first sight" experiences today. All of the things above are some of them. Especially the printed jeans and the butterfly necklace. My boyfriend's only comment to the jeans was "They sure are... flowery". He's right - and I really like them!

As for the necklace... It's from Ladybird Likes and there's a lot of beautiful, beautiful things on her shop. I probably shouldn't show it to anyone at all and just keep it my little secret, 'cause by showing others I risk they'll all be sold out before I get there! But I'm sooo in love, so I just can't keep my mouth shut. Anyway; I already planned this thing... I'll buy jewelry from Ladybird Likes when I've reach my first goal in my weight los. Guess I need to do it quick!

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