Sunday Look Back (week #37)

This week has been full of ups and downs. I've been extremely happy, sad, stressed out, angry, I've been crying because I've was sad and crying because I was laughing so hard.

This week's ups:

  • I can't remember that I've ever laughed so much in my life as I did tuesday evening. 
  • I feel like I've been a pretty good student this week - if I can say so my self (and there's no one else to say it for me)
  • And I love, love, love them. 
  • Today, to give an example, I have read more than a hundred pages and usually I would have a horrible headache by now - but I don't! At all. It's amazing. I know... I talk about it aaaaall the time, but it's just such a world changer for me. I actually ENJOY reading these days. Before it just hurt and took forever. 

This week's downs:

  • My boyfriend was in an accident yesterday. He got hit by a car and ended up spending all day driving (with the people who hit him - turns out they were very nice people!) for several hours to get his tooth back in his mouth and getting checked up by a doctor. He's fine today, just a little soar and he gets the craziest stare when we go outside. Alright; he looks like he's been in a massive fight. With a car and the pavement. And he lost. Luckily nothing really terrible happened. That didn't keep me from crying for a few hours yesterday though. I was so worried. 

Couldn't have done without:

  • My glasses! That's for sure. I had to read an entire book this weekend for tomorrow's lecture. 
  • My phone, so I could keep in touch with my boyfriend yesterday and knew what was going on. 

Could've done without: 

  • Car versus bicycle accidents. The car (and the pavement) always wins. 

Next week will be great because: 

  • I'm going out with a group of friends I haven't seen since forever. 
  • The last season on Desperate Housewives will be on Danish tv. I am very sad that it's the last season though. Very, very sad. (I would appriciate by the way if you DON'T tell me ANYTHING about it). ;)

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