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During the last couple of weeks I've seen different blogger's take on Money Supermarket Pashion for Fashion Challenge. I felt inspired and decided to try it out my self. I'm not even sure that I, being from Denmark, am able to participate in the challenge, but I didn't care. I just felt like trying it my self and I had so much fun and got so much inspiration for my next many online shopping sprees.... Maybe I should've never done this. Anyway! I did it and here's my take on the five outfit themes: party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear. 

If you want to check out Money Supermarkets Pashion for Fashion competition page go here:

My "Party" outfit actually turned out to be the cheapest of them all, which just shows that you don't have to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars. Also; party wear is... well; party wear and therefore not something you would wear for every occasion. For me that's why the small price makes even more sense. I would rather spend a lot of money on everyday quality clothes than on a dress that will just hang in the closet for most of the time. 
This outfit to me screams party without being too much. It's classy and chic and the lace peplum dress is so on trend. The dress speaks a statement for it self and that's why I chose accesories that don't "speak too loudly". And to put the cherry on the cake I wanted to put my "it"-colour this fall in the outfit; burgundy. Essie always make the prettiest season colours and I adore the new dark, burgundy lipstick from MAC. And since it's a special occasion outfit, I would (at least try to - I'm hopelessly bad at it) wear heals. 

I said it once and I'll say it again (and again, and again); burgundy is my "it"-colour for the season. Also I'm crazy about blazers, so this burgundy blazer beauty is perfect! The oversize look of it makes it casual, but makes sure that "casual" won't mean "boring" as well. The studded colar shirt and printed jeans are right on trend and I love the grey/burgundy combination. Being a girl, that (as I already mentioned) can't walk in heals I will always go flat on a casual day. The bracelets and the shopper bag makes sure to remind you to smile and bring out the optimist in you. For me it's important to keep the spirits up and for me watches/jewelry/bags/whatever with a funny/cute/different detail almost always do the trick. 

 Oh and by the way; the look is actually even cheaper now, because the jeans went on sale after I did the collage. 

 Tube scarf - H&M; £7,99 / Gloves - Asos; £6 (Now on sale; £4,50 / 

Now we're looking at the most expensive look, but as I said; I'd rather spend my money on something I can use over and over again all season and for me there's nothing in this outfit that would end up in the back of the closet. 
I already stated that I love the grey/burgundy combo and I love cosy jumpers and skinny jeans - so for me this is perfect for a day outside in the Danish autumn (which is pretty much like the British). When it's raining and maybe even snowing a boot that will make sure you'll stand on your feet when the ground is slippery or even icy will make your day! This Asos boot is edgy but still girly and the cute, cosy socks will keep your feet warm. When it's cold outside I can't live without my scarfs and I'm in love with tube scarfs, 'cause they are so easy to style and they won't get messed up by the wind. The gloves are cute and will make it easy for you to text someone/buy your bus ticket/well, I don't know - but I know you won't have to get your gloves off. The shopper will make sure that you won't forget totally about summer and as I said before; I love accesories that will make you smile and I'm sure this will brighten up my winter. And the coat? Well, it's just beautiful. It'll make you feel like a winter princess and keep you warm at the same time. What's not to like?

This outfit will also come out a bit cheaper since both the shopper and the gloves are on sale.

For me date outfits are all about being girly, pretty, comfortable and romantic and the same time. This outfit could pretty much take you anywhere; the movies, a restaurant, a walk under the stars or... Maybe a pair of heels would have been the icing on the cake, but personally I wouldn't risk it. I'd much rather be able to walk  and not in the risk on falling on my face. The dress is cute, chic and simple, the coat it flattering and adds colour, the necklace is cute and romantic without being too much, the watch adds personality, the bag is beautiful and the lipgloss adds a girly touch. You'll never go wrong with red lips and as long as you don't overdo it (and maybe even forget to apply it at the end of the date), it won't leave out a happy ending. 

For the office outfit I went for classy, chic and stylish. The pencil skirt will always be on trend and the navy peplum shirt adds colour and two of the "it"-trends this fall; lace and peplum at the same time! The watch adds personality and the "smile"-twist I mentioned earlier with the cute swallows. The necklace is simple and beautiful and the nail polish is my all time autumn favourite! It's simple and beautiful and will be perfect for almost every outfit, since it's not a too dominant colour but just adds a classic twist. The shoes are perfect (and not too high - especially since you wouldn't be walking all day) with the little glitter heal. The bag is classy, the zipper adds adge and it's the perfect size for holding everything you need to bring with you.

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  1. I really love the outfit. Especially the black dress with blondes on the last picture. That I really feel in love with. I wish that I could buy that. :)

  2. I really like your choices, especially the last three looks. You did a fantastic job by putting together a whole outfit for under £100! That's amazing!
    I am trying my luck, too.
    P.S. I am currently hosting a giveaway and would like to invite you to enter, if you like the prize. :)

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'll check out that giveaway right now! :)


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