Sunday Look Back (Week #39)

Another week has gone by faster than I wanted it to. And faster than I thought it would. It's been a nice week and especially the weekend made the whole difference. I'm already a little stressed out about next week (guess I'm not all that good at the "living in the moment that is now"-thing) - I just cannot see how I'm supposed to make ends meet. But in the end it all works out - and even if it don't; it'll work out anyway. Having said that; this post is meant to be about the week that has gone and not so much about the one that is to come (at least not the negative things..), so...

This week's ups:

  • I've had time to be a pretty good student this week. And I've had extra time to spend on relaxing which was nice. 
  • I've had the most lovely weekend; I had a little time (and finally money) to shop friday afternoon, I enjoyed friday evening with my new fellow students, I spend all saturday afternoon down town with my boyfriend shopping for a reading lamp and eating at our favourite café and we spend saturday evening with my lovely, lovely friend. I haven't seen her since July (I think), when she went travelling in Asia. 
  • She gave me a beautiful birthday present that she bought for me on her trip.
  • I bought some lovely shoes that I've been looking for for a long time. 
  • I've been making good choices for me. 
  • It's been raining a lot, but strangely enough I only got really wet from walking in the rain once. Yesterday we ran from store to store to buy an umbrella, but as soon as we bought a bright red one and went outside the rain stopped. Also when we were going to leave the café it was pouring down, so instead we stayed inside and bought hot chocolate (for me) and beer (for my boyfriend). As soon as we sat down again the sun came out. Strange weather.

This week's downs:

  • It's been raining a lot. 
  • I've been having quite a few headaches. 
  • I kept getting all the worst subjects in Bezzerwizzer last night ;)

Next week will be great because: 

  • Because it'll go by fast, I guess. I should try to keep positive in this, but next week will be tough and I can't get around it by thinking positive. I won't hardly have time for anything and I'm already quite stressed out about how I'm going to fulfil my student part. And the "take care"-part. 


Curvy Confidence

So... Lately, I've been feeling really beautiful. Especially, I think, because of all the wonderful feedback on this picture in my last posts. I've fallen in love with that picture my self to be honest (if one is alowed to say stuff like that....?) and every single comment on it has made my day. Also I've been in a pretty stable state of mind (don't get me wrong, I'm not crazier than the girl next door) - at peace with myself, I guess. 

I'm convinced that beauty is more than just appearence. It's what's inside and a state of mind too. And as a part of continuing to convince myself that I am beautiful inside out I'll be featuring different inspirations under the Tag "Curvy Confidence". Hopefully some of it will make you feel more beautiful too! 

For the first Curvy Confidence I'll feature one of the most inspiring women for me at the moment. Need I say more?


Plus Size Outfit Day

To be honest I had planned a whole lot more for this month's Plus Size Outfit Day. I am in love with this month's theme; Burgundy. Like last year burgundy is my favorite colour of the season. No doubt. And I had plans of showing you several outfits with different burgundy pieces. But then I got sick. And then I decided to show you my "today I'm sick" outfit. Who says you can't wear pretty things just because you're sick? I just bought this sweater/poncho and I love it! And now I know it's perfect for those days when you just want to feel comfortable. I just know it'll be one of my favorite items this fall. Also; these pictures will show you how I look when I do absolutely nothing of myself - no make-up, no special hair - nothing but a little smile and what's left of my nail polish from the weekend. 

Sweater/Poncho - Zay / Top (underneath) - Zay
Tights - H&M+ / Boots - Bianco

Be sure to check out all the other beautiful girls of the "Plus Size Outfit Day":

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Sunday Look Back (Week #38)

This week has gone by incredibly fast and I hardly remember what I've been doing - so if you're wondering why the following lists are unusually short it's just due to my "loss of memory" (or just.... an pretty much eventless week). I haven't even had time/inspiration to update my Instagram (You can find me there by searching "MaleneFL") so this week's picture is quite different. Me and my boyfriend just shot it today - I was sick and all. But I love it!

This week's ups:
  • After reading sentences like this (for a lecture on phenomenology - try to say it five times in a row, quickly!): "Habitus is that presence of the past in the present which makes possible the presence in the present of the forth-coming." (Bourdieu 2000: 210), I gave myself permission to spend a little money on me - and it felt so good! I bought things I'd been craving for a long time; nail polishes, burgundy jeans and two oversize sweaters that are already favourites of the fall. I'm planning on featuring it all on the blog soon - one of the sweaters will be on the blog tomorrow!
  • I had a wonderful time with my old study group/good friends friday night. 
  • I was re-united with my friends of Wisteria Lane. 
This week's downs:

  • Last night I had one of the roughest nights I can remember. I was really, really, really sick. Migrains, fever, shaking all over, crying, throwing up (and I swear; I never throw up). Luckily I had my boyfriend next to me, to take care of me and I feel better today. Not all good, but better. 

Couldn't have done without:

  • My boyfriend holdning me, when I cried last night and getting me water and cold wash cloths for my forehead. 

Could've done without:

  • Getting sick. 
  • Instagram, obviously. 

Next week will be great because:

  • I'll be seeing a long missed friend.
  • And.... because I said so! 

Money Supermarket Passion for Fashion Challenge

During the last couple of weeks I've seen different blogger's take on Money Supermarket Pashion for Fashion Challenge. I felt inspired and decided to try it out my self. I'm not even sure that I, being from Denmark, am able to participate in the challenge, but I didn't care. I just felt like trying it my self and I had so much fun and got so much inspiration for my next many online shopping sprees.... Maybe I should've never done this. Anyway! I did it and here's my take on the five outfit themes: party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear. 

If you want to check out Money Supermarkets Pashion for Fashion competition page go here:

My "Party" outfit actually turned out to be the cheapest of them all, which just shows that you don't have to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars. Also; party wear is... well; party wear and therefore not something you would wear for every occasion. For me that's why the small price makes even more sense. I would rather spend a lot of money on everyday quality clothes than on a dress that will just hang in the closet for most of the time. 
This outfit to me screams party without being too much. It's classy and chic and the lace peplum dress is so on trend. The dress speaks a statement for it self and that's why I chose accesories that don't "speak too loudly". And to put the cherry on the cake I wanted to put my "it"-colour this fall in the outfit; burgundy. Essie always make the prettiest season colours and I adore the new dark, burgundy lipstick from MAC. And since it's a special occasion outfit, I would (at least try to - I'm hopelessly bad at it) wear heals. 

I said it once and I'll say it again (and again, and again); burgundy is my "it"-colour for the season. Also I'm crazy about blazers, so this burgundy blazer beauty is perfect! The oversize look of it makes it casual, but makes sure that "casual" won't mean "boring" as well. The studded colar shirt and printed jeans are right on trend and I love the grey/burgundy combination. Being a girl, that (as I already mentioned) can't walk in heals I will always go flat on a casual day. The bracelets and the shopper bag makes sure to remind you to smile and bring out the optimist in you. For me it's important to keep the spirits up and for me watches/jewelry/bags/whatever with a funny/cute/different detail almost always do the trick. 

 Oh and by the way; the look is actually even cheaper now, because the jeans went on sale after I did the collage. 

 Tube scarf - H&M; £7,99 / Gloves - Asos; £6 (Now on sale; £4,50 / 

Now we're looking at the most expensive look, but as I said; I'd rather spend my money on something I can use over and over again all season and for me there's nothing in this outfit that would end up in the back of the closet. 
I already stated that I love the grey/burgundy combo and I love cosy jumpers and skinny jeans - so for me this is perfect for a day outside in the Danish autumn (which is pretty much like the British). When it's raining and maybe even snowing a boot that will make sure you'll stand on your feet when the ground is slippery or even icy will make your day! This Asos boot is edgy but still girly and the cute, cosy socks will keep your feet warm. When it's cold outside I can't live without my scarfs and I'm in love with tube scarfs, 'cause they are so easy to style and they won't get messed up by the wind. The gloves are cute and will make it easy for you to text someone/buy your bus ticket/well, I don't know - but I know you won't have to get your gloves off. The shopper will make sure that you won't forget totally about summer and as I said before; I love accesories that will make you smile and I'm sure this will brighten up my winter. And the coat? Well, it's just beautiful. It'll make you feel like a winter princess and keep you warm at the same time. What's not to like?

This outfit will also come out a bit cheaper since both the shopper and the gloves are on sale.

For me date outfits are all about being girly, pretty, comfortable and romantic and the same time. This outfit could pretty much take you anywhere; the movies, a restaurant, a walk under the stars or... Maybe a pair of heels would have been the icing on the cake, but personally I wouldn't risk it. I'd much rather be able to walk  and not in the risk on falling on my face. The dress is cute, chic and simple, the coat it flattering and adds colour, the necklace is cute and romantic without being too much, the watch adds personality, the bag is beautiful and the lipgloss adds a girly touch. You'll never go wrong with red lips and as long as you don't overdo it (and maybe even forget to apply it at the end of the date), it won't leave out a happy ending. 

For the office outfit I went for classy, chic and stylish. The pencil skirt will always be on trend and the navy peplum shirt adds colour and two of the "it"-trends this fall; lace and peplum at the same time! The watch adds personality and the "smile"-twist I mentioned earlier with the cute swallows. The necklace is simple and beautiful and the nail polish is my all time autumn favourite! It's simple and beautiful and will be perfect for almost every outfit, since it's not a too dominant colour but just adds a classic twist. The shoes are perfect (and not too high - especially since you wouldn't be walking all day) with the little glitter heal. The bag is classy, the zipper adds adge and it's the perfect size for holding everything you need to bring with you.


Guest post at Kathastrophal

I was more than honored when Katha asked me to do a guest post on her blog while she's away on vacation. Of course I said yes! The theme she chose for all her guest bloggers is "Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn" and I decided to write about the things I love the most about autumn. 

If you haven't read the post yet you can check it out here at Katha's lovely blog. If you're one of those lovely people who started following by blog because of the post at Kathastrophal - thank you so much! Well, thank you no matter why and when you started following! THANK YOU!


Sunday Look Back (week #37)

This week has been full of ups and downs. I've been extremely happy, sad, stressed out, angry, I've been crying because I've was sad and crying because I was laughing so hard.

This week's ups:

  • I can't remember that I've ever laughed so much in my life as I did tuesday evening. 
  • I feel like I've been a pretty good student this week - if I can say so my self (and there's no one else to say it for me)
  • And I love, love, love them. 
  • Today, to give an example, I have read more than a hundred pages and usually I would have a horrible headache by now - but I don't! At all. It's amazing. I know... I talk about it aaaaall the time, but it's just such a world changer for me. I actually ENJOY reading these days. Before it just hurt and took forever. 

This week's downs:

  • My boyfriend was in an accident yesterday. He got hit by a car and ended up spending all day driving (with the people who hit him - turns out they were very nice people!) for several hours to get his tooth back in his mouth and getting checked up by a doctor. He's fine today, just a little soar and he gets the craziest stare when we go outside. Alright; he looks like he's been in a massive fight. With a car and the pavement. And he lost. Luckily nothing really terrible happened. That didn't keep me from crying for a few hours yesterday though. I was so worried. 

Couldn't have done without:

  • My glasses! That's for sure. I had to read an entire book this weekend for tomorrow's lecture. 
  • My phone, so I could keep in touch with my boyfriend yesterday and knew what was going on. 

Could've done without: 

  • Car versus bicycle accidents. The car (and the pavement) always wins. 

Next week will be great because: 

  • I'm going out with a group of friends I haven't seen since forever. 
  • The last season on Desperate Housewives will be on Danish tv. I am very sad that it's the last season though. Very, very sad. (I would appriciate by the way if you DON'T tell me ANYTHING about it). ;)



Today I am so, so, so happy! This might not be a normal post, but I just have to shout it out. Today I spend sooo much money on something I've never been thinking about before. Usally I would say that this falls into category with spending money on ink for your printer or going to the dentist or something like that, but actually I was more than excited about paying up.

My reading glasses are finally here! The last week I've been reading with temporary glasses and it has changed SO much for me. For the last three years (at least!) I've been suffering from headaches and migrains several times a week. For the last week? Zero. It's amazing. I read faster, I find it easier to understand what the text says, I am not getting tired from reading (at least not tired eyes).

And the glasses I got today are even better. They are so comfortable I hardly notice I'm wearing them. I'm so excited to find out what this will mean to me. And I'm so glad that for once I'm looking forward to reading, because it no longer means I'll be hurting at the same time.

How awesome is that?!


Sunday Look Back (Week #36)

This week's ups:

  • My boyfriend got me Tina Dico's new album. I always get her albums the same day they come out (yeah, I'm that kind of nerdy fan...), but I had a terrible headache and was soooo tired, that I just had to go straight home after my lecture. But then he got it for me. He's the best. 
  • School started again and so far I'm excited about this year's subjects. I am officially doing my master now. That's crazy. 
  • I went to the doctor and got my free HPV vaccine. 
  • I found the time (and energy) to go down town and experience a bit of this year's "festuge", which is a week of culture, music, theatre, parties and other fun stuff. 
  • I found out that I need reading glasses - and I'm really excited about it. This weekend I've been using temporary (and blue!) glasses and they already turned my world around. Can't wait to get the real ones. 
  • I finally got started on wrecking my wreck this journal. 
  • Today I had a lovely afternoon celebrating my boyfriend's sister's boyfriend's birthday. 

This week's downs (but somehow an up too):

  • I had a really hard time getting used to all the reading time that comes with my studies. I got really tired and had very bad headaches/migrains. But nothing is so bad, that it won't do any good and I think i figured it out; I need reading glassed. Hopefully it'll do me good. Now I'm just a little sad, that I didn't figure it out sooner, since I've been suffering from migrains more than once a week the last three years! 

Next week will be great because: 

  • I'll get my real glasses. 
  • I'll have fun with my colleagues. 
  • Hopefully I won't have any headaches. 


Last sunday

Last sunday we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday at his parent's. I baked, and baked, and baked and we had a lovely day. I also had the chance to play around with my birthday gift for by boyfriend - a new objective for his camera (which explains the pictures of the birthday table). I can't wait to get to know it better. Tomorrow we're going to my boyfriend's sister's boyfriend's (did you get that..?) birthday party. Can't wait! 


Instant Love

Skirt - New Look Inspire / Cardigan - Style369 / Jeans - New Look Inspire
Necklace - Ladybirdlikes / Bag - Asos
I had a few "in love at first sight" experiences today. All of the things above are some of them. Especially the printed jeans and the butterfly necklace. My boyfriend's only comment to the jeans was "They sure are... flowery". He's right - and I really like them!

As for the necklace... It's from Ladybird Likes and there's a lot of beautiful, beautiful things on her shop. I probably shouldn't show it to anyone at all and just keep it my little secret, 'cause by showing others I risk they'll all be sold out before I get there! But I'm sooo in love, so I just can't keep my mouth shut. Anyway; I already planned this thing... I'll buy jewelry from Ladybird Likes when I've reach my first goal in my weight los. Guess I need to do it quick!


Sunday Look Back (Week #35)

This week's ups:
  • My boyfriends birthday - he was so happy about his present! 
  • I finished my three weeks of (more than a) full time job. 
  • I've been to the most wonderful apartment.
  • My boyfriend and I went to the theatre. 
  • I baked a lot of good stuff for my boyfriend's birthday "party" with his family today and we all had a great time. 
  • I really don't like ladders, but I did the "balloon"-job anyway! I'm that cool. It's okay to be proud of yourself when you complete things like that, even though you're sure you'll hurt yourself/fall down/die....
  • I got a unexpected late birthday present from a friend of mine. I've been wearing that bracelet every day since. 
  • I bought a nice cookbook with cake recipes. Just beautiful cakes (which is really ironic, since I'm planning on starting a diet tomorrow) 

This week's downs:
  • The most wonderful apartment will never be mine. 
  • I've been so, soo, sooo tired! 

Next week will be great because:

  • My studies begin tomorrow!
  • Tina Dico's new album will be out tomorrow. 
  • I'll probably, hopefully, have the time to relax. 
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