Picture spam: Berlin

Apart from a few outfit posts for the BFSC-challenge I decided to boil our days in Berlin down to this post with these pictures. It leaves out a lot of details, but I guess that's better for all parts - it would take forever for me to write it and it would take forever for you to read it. The short edition of the long story is: If you get the chance to go to Berlin - do it! The same goes for Hamburg. 

The East Side Gallery is a 1,3 km. piece of the Berlin-wall which is made into an open air gallery.
The walk along it is amazing!
Also: If you go to Hamburg, Berlin or any other city that has a Vapiano-restaurant - just go there. End of... ;)
We found this crazy/adorable store on Kurfürstendamm that celebrates Christmas all year long!
At first I went in there just for fun... But then I bought a few things for my future Christmas tree.
Anyway... I won't show you until December. I promise. But it's pretty. Oh and by the way;
it is Mr. Boyfriend in the picture. By the tree. Not the guy in the Santa Costume in the tree.

This is also at the East Side Gallery. You've pretty much seen the outfit before - right here - I just added the much seen and much worn denim jacket and a pair of leggins. They may not be very fashionable, but when you're walking around
the city the entire day they're practical as hell. They can even be a life/vacation savior. At least for me. When it's hot
and I walk a lot my thighs rub together and it hurts SO much at the end of the day. I never have that problem wearing
leggins. Today however my boyfriends mother cut the legs of a pair of my leggins, so now they're really short, but they
should do the same job - just without showing. Win!
I pretty much had five seconds to pose with this beauty before it lost it's patience. 
We were quite surprised to meet this old guy in Berlin. He's an old, old Danish movie-character.
I was very touched by the Jewish Museum.
And very impressed by the architecture of the Jewish Museum as well.
And of course touched by this.
We went by Primark the same day the store opened in Berlin. It was craaaazy and we didn't stay long. 
A bit more of the East Side Gallery
Oh well... When outside of Denmark - go to Starbucks! That's the rule!

Also! I'm off to Barcelona by now, so that's why I'm not responding and publishing comments. I will, when I get back though, so don't be a stranger! And take care.

7 kommentarer:

  1. Jamen han er da ret fin og se på ham din kæreste, har jo heller ikke været nysgerrig over det i flere år nej da :P

    1. Ja, han er en fin én. :D Haha, jamen der har du ham så. ;)

  2. Årh, Vapiano <3 drømmer stadig om det sted af og til!
    Du kommer da noget rundt her i sommeren - dejlige byer og god tur!

    1. I know! Jeg drømmer også.
      Og tak skal du have - det har virket, selvom jeg først har set din besked nu. ;)

  3. I love the amazing walls and your cute denim jacket with the scarf. Super cute dog! Pasta looks YUMMY! Kiah

  4. I love Vapiano-restaurants. The pasta is so delicious :-)


    1. It really is! We had dinner there every night in Berlin. :P


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