Picture spam: Barcelona

I can't believe I've been to three wonderful cities this summer. It's been great and I'm so happy I did it. It's been a week since I got home. So here's a few pictures from beautiful Barcelona and a few words to go along with them to tell you about my trip.

On the first night we fell in love with the evening sky. On the first picture is a "sky view" of Placa Espanya and this
one is the view from our hotel room on the 5th floor.

We also fell in love with the view over the city and the "love locks" in Parc Güell. Behind me you can see the
beautiful La Segrada Familia.

As you can probably tell already we did a lot of falling in love. This isn't a exception.
This pretty doll sat outside a wonderful/beautiful/funny/talented jewelry store
that stole my heart. I will tell you more later - I promise.

And how can you not fall in love with this? I was thrilled all the way through the entire La Boqueria market.

I really enjoyed walking around watching amazing street art.

And this burger place... I can tell you; we went there more than once. Let me know if you're going to Barcelona
and need the adress - it is SO good!
We got to see a really beautiful bride at Santa Maria Del Mar and a little
sneak peak of the wedding and the beautiful church as well.
And of course we went to the beach.
And how can you help not to fall in love with the small Spanish streets?

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