La Basilica Galeria stole my heart

Yesterday I promised you to tell you more about the jewelry place in Barcelona that welcomes you with this beautiful lady:

And let me just start by saying that this is by no way a sponsored post. It's just an expression of my imediate and overwhelming fascination of the place and I've been wanting to write about it ever since.
The place is called La Basilica Galeria (just click the link and you will come straight to their website) and is filled with contemporary art and beautiful jewelry. It's near to the Cathedral and we stumbled across it by coincidence, but I guess it won't be too difficult to find it again - or for the first time; if you go to Barcelona be sure to bring you euros and your but by this store!

Inside you will meet this wonderful, beautiful lady. She's called Carmen and is covered in swarovski crystals. If you want, as far as I remember, you can talk about the price with the designer. And here's another thing I loved about this place; this piece along with others comes with a beautiful story. Carmen is a woman-cameleon and desperate to fit in she changes her identity whenever she meets someone new. She changes physically as well as mentally and she even turns into an animal when she's among animals and becomes tree-like when she's among plants.

This story about the social construct and the ever changing nature of our identity echoed in my head as I went further into the gallery. It reminded me that I could be whomever I want to be and wear whatever I want to wear, because that would just be another aspect of my flowing identity. And maybe that's why I fell in love with almost every single piece of jewelry in the shop - 'cause I have to admit; there was a lot of very beautiful, simple pieces but they were all accompanied by very strange (but still very beautiful!) statement pieces. And some of them weren't my style at all. But in the end they all made me smile, 'cause they were beautiful in their own ways. All of them. And in the end; If I want a big scull or a yellow rubber duck-ring to be my style - then I can just be that girl! 

However. I didn't have the money to bring all the pieces I loved home with me. I litterally went around the shop and declared my love to another piece every few seconds. I actually almost left without anything because I didn't really have the money. But I had my Visa-card with me and after leaving the shop emptyhanded but with a stomach ache from sadness (I know... it sounds crazy and shopahollic-like), I went back and bought my self a small box with beauty inside. 

As long as I call it (one of) my birthday gift(s) to myself it's alright. Especially since I've been looking for swallow earings for ages. And these just melted my heart right away;

And here they are in action:

Okay, before you go! (I know I've been babbling on for forever). Here's the link for the website of La Basilica Galeria once again. And do you know what the really cool part is? You don't even have to go all the way to Barcelona to check it out. Everyday they put up a new piece on the website and you can just send them a mail if you're interested! They will tell you the price, how to pay and figure out what to do with delivery.

And you can have another look at a shot I took in the store:

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