Sunday Look Back (week #32)

This week's ups (Warning; there's a lot!):

  • Spending the first days of the week at my parent's.
  • I had a wonderful day with my mum and my boyfriend at the mall in Kolding. 
  • ... Where I couldn't stop smiling at the pretty blue birds. Sometimes it's the small things, you know. 
  • I felt like the younger me, when I couldn't resist from taking a picture with the blue sunnies. 
  • American recipes can no longer keep me from baking, because of my measuring cup, that I got for my birthday. 
  • Also I got to wear another birthday present; The pretty earrings from Pilgrim that my sister got me. 
  • And another birthday present (from me to me); The Asos curve dress that I'm wearing here. It arrived friday - just in time for:
  • Me and my boyfriend's three years anniversary. 
  • I had a few good days at work.
  • I coloured my hair. 
  • And I was totally starstruck when Danish singer/songwriter Tina Dico became a follower of me on Instagram. I'm even blushing now. 

This week's downs: 

  • Taking your bike to work isn't all that fun when it's raining. 
  • I really miss my friend who's been travelling for a (too) long time. 

More ups: 

  • I just figured out how to "draw" doodles on pictures, thanks to Katha. In case your wondering why I'm using doodles a lot - I'm just very excited about it.
  • I went to the beach with my boyfriend and my parents. 
  • And took a lot of cute pictures (we don't usually see oisters at the beach here). 

Couldn't have done it without:

  • My boyfriend.
  • A few days of summer. 

Could've done without:

  • Rain.

Even more ups:

  • We had a wonderful day celebrating our "day of love". 
  • And the weather was great!
  • We had delicious ice cream.
  • And the city was full of life, just the way I like it.

Next week will be great because: 

  • Hopefully summer will stay a few more days.
  • I might be going home to my childhood town for a few great concerts.

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