23 random facts about me

Today I'm turning 23 and because of that I give to you 23 random facts about me, partly ordered by you and your questions:
  1. My favorite colour changes every once in a while (especially according to seasons). Last fall/winter it was bordeaux red and this spring/summer it's been bright blue.
  2. In a week and a day my boyfriend and I have been together for three years.
  3. Once upon a time y hair was red (see picture above) but I haven't coloured my hair for more than two years now. Also; I used to have shorter hair, and now I'm in a weird place in between where I can't figure out what to do with it. 
  4. I play a little bit guitar (but I'm very bad at it).
  5. And I sing. Or used to sing before I moved to Aarhus to study. I think about how much I miss singing almost every day. I love singing and I love music.
  6. That's one of the reasons that I had "You make me feel" written on the back of my red iPod. It's a quote from a beautiful song that I used to sing and it says something about what music does and means to me. Also it was gifted to me by my boyfriend, so it also reminds me of how he makes me feel; loved and like "A natural woman". Ah, that was a cheesy fact! 
  7. I never throw the microwave-popcorn bag out right away after putting the popcorns in a bowl. I always leave it on the table to cool off, because I'm afraid it's too hot and will set the garbage on fire. Silly, I know. But I just can't. 
  8. My boyfriend and I have been living unofficially together for almost two years, officially almost a year. We live in a single room apartment which doesn't leave us with much space, but where there is love, there's room for a home. 
  9. I fart more and louder than my boyfriend (he want's to add "smellier" to the list, but I'm not sure that's true)
  10. I'm truly and deeply in love with London (and Rome and and Hamburg and Berlin and Barcelona and...). I miss the city almost all the time and I've been so mad at the Olympics taking my chances to go there this summer because of prices going up, crazy crowds and stuff like that.
  11. I've never owned a pair of high heeled shoes and I just can't walk in them. Little devils. 
  12. Until 11 months ago I hadn't worn a pair of jeans (or any other kinds of pants) for five years! All about the skirts and dresses.
  13. Apart from heartaches the worst thing I've tried was when I was really, really sick and had to sing in front of 700 people. I had no voice, drank SO much tea and did everything I could to get my voice back. I cried all day and to this day I haven't seen the video of me on stage that night. 
  14. I've never seen a Star Wars or James Bond movie. And I've only seen the first Lord of the Rings movie, but I've fallen asleep both times. 
  15. I don't have a tattoo, but I have had the drawing picked out for several years. You can see it in the picture above. It symbolises my passion for music and singing. I haven't done it yet, because I'm not sure where I should put it. And I take that as I sign that I'm not ready yet.
  16. I love watching Desperate Housewives on TV (and the last season is not yet over in Denmark so I'd appriciate it if you don't tell me what happens - THANKS!), but also How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Topgear, Sex and the City, Mythbusters and more serious stuff like documentaries and a show that's called "Presselogen" where people from Danish news medias talk about how news have been presented the last week. 
  17. I am studying anthropology and I'm starting my masters in a month. What I like best about anthropology is the part where we study people's personal stories. My bachelor thesis was about depression and how it affects human identity. 
  18. I've been to Russia twice, Estonia once and Scotland twice. 
  19. Some of my best experiences also includes singing in front of 700 people - just without being sick. My trips to Russia is on the list too along with seeing the wonderful Stevie Wonder live in concert. 
  20. I'm a big and loyal fan of the Danish singer-songwriter Tina Dico. 
  21. Since I moved into my boyfriend's apartment I'm always the one to get the mosquito bites. He haven't had one since I put my name on the door. 
  22. My favorite food also changes with the season (and with the fact that when I love something I make it often - and then I get tired of it and throw my love on something else). In the end I just like food that is well made. Among the favourites right now are hummus, curry, lasagne, various salads and nachos with guacamole. 
  23. I never watch scary movies because I'll be freaked out by it for several months after watching one - what if the murderer/creepy girl/etc. hides behind THAT door?! Among my favourite movies are Juno, I am Sam, 500 days of Summer and The Lovely Bones.

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  1. I know it's a little late, but Happy Birthday!
    And Thank you for answering my question! The right time will come! :-)

    1. Better late than never! Thank you very much!
      You're welcome, and maybe your right - maybe the right time will come.


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