Sunday Look Back (week #33)

Compared to last week's bullet point overload this week will probably seem event less. This is because my holiday is pretty much over and this week (as the next two) is spend at work, about 45 hours a week. That pretty much sets the limit for exciting and varying things to happen. But I'm happy.

This week's ups:

  • The first of three weeks of fulltime work is over. And it went by quickly. 
  • I like my job!
  • I finally have music on my iPod again. 
  • Last sunday we made pizza on our Smokey Joe. And apparently we're making a Sunday tradition - we're doing it again tonight! 
  • I bought great hair products to take better care of my hair. 
  • I had a great night last night. I went out for dinner at a café with my boyfriend, listened to music and met nice people. 
  • The weather has been great! 

This week's downs: 

  • The weather has been great - and I've been inside at work. 
  • Today it is sooooo hot that I can't even relax in our apartment - 29,7 degrees; hello shadow! 
  • I've been having a few "off days" - but I got through. 

Couldn't have done without:

  • My boyfriend
  • Water
  • Nice music
  • Shadow

Could've done without:

  • Off days

Next week will be great because: 

  • My friend will be home from to months of travelling
  • My littlesister will move to town! 

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