Three years of love

So today is our three years anniversary. I ordered this dress from Asos Curve and hoped it would be here in time, so I could wear it today. It's actually my first piece ever from Asos, so I was quite nervous that it wouldn't fit, but it did - and it's so nice I'm actually thinking about getting it in red too. 

Dress - Asos Curve / Purse - Monki / Shoes - Chinashop in Copenhagen
And now you might be thinking; "If it's her three years anniversary why's she blogging?" I'll tell you why. When we woke up we took our time and got ready for a day in town. We dressed up, I did my hair, put on my make-up and we went out with no other plan than having a good time. We had been talking about going to the museum or playing mini golf at a mall roof. But we started by walking around down town, holding hands and going to a few shops. Then we had lunch at a great little sandwich shop and went for Italian ice cream (for once the weather is wonderful!). 

When it came to deciding on what we wanted to do for the afternoon we were both quite tired and we just felt like going back home to relax. And that's why the pictures are just taken at home instead of at a fancy museum or at a roof top or restaurant. And eventhough it could have been fun to do stuff all day it's really nice to just sit at home as well. Especially since that's what we both felt like doing. In a minute I'll go make some brownies, my boyfriend will start our smokey joe and we'll put som Asti in the fridge. In the end it doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you do the things you want to do.

No anniversary without kisses:

7 kommentarer:

  1. Really lovely n charming dress!


    1. Thank you so much for stepping by and for your comment!

  2. Great dress and I love the combination red and black :-)


    1. Thank you! I really like the combo too. Thank you for your comment!

  3. happy Anniversary! Love the dress - and yes... do what you feel like - the best think!

    1. Tusind tak, Stine.
      Vi har faktisk snakket en del om dig i aften, fordi vi lavede aftensmad, som vi var helt sikre på, at du ville være vild med - det kommer der blog om senere ;)

      Vi havde sådan en dejlig dag, så det var heldigt at vi ikke bare holdt facaden oppe og insisterede på at lave en helt masse for at fejre det.


  4. Happy Anniversary!
    You look so lovely, the dress looks amazing on you.. and I love the red lipstick!


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