Picture spam: Barcelona

I can't believe I've been to three wonderful cities this summer. It's been great and I'm so happy I did it. It's been a week since I got home. So here's a few pictures from beautiful Barcelona and a few words to go along with them to tell you about my trip.

On the first night we fell in love with the evening sky. On the first picture is a "sky view" of Placa Espanya and this
one is the view from our hotel room on the 5th floor.

We also fell in love with the view over the city and the "love locks" in Parc Güell. Behind me you can see the
beautiful La Segrada Familia.

As you can probably tell already we did a lot of falling in love. This isn't a exception.
This pretty doll sat outside a wonderful/beautiful/funny/talented jewelry store
that stole my heart. I will tell you more later - I promise.

And how can you not fall in love with this? I was thrilled all the way through the entire La Boqueria market.

I really enjoyed walking around watching amazing street art.

And this burger place... I can tell you; we went there more than once. Let me know if you're going to Barcelona
and need the adress - it is SO good!
We got to see a really beautiful bride at Santa Maria Del Mar and a little
sneak peak of the wedding and the beautiful church as well.
And of course we went to the beach.
And how can you help not to fall in love with the small Spanish streets?


Red wine romance

Skirt - Asos Curve / Boots - Dr. Martens/Urban Outfitters / Dress - Asos Curve
Nail polish - Essie, Size Matters / Skirt - Simply Be
Last fall/winter I went crazy over these colours - and it seems it'll happen again this year. I'm so in love with the Dr. Martens boots and I'm desperately trying to figure out how to afford them. Also I'm planning on clicking the Asos dress home. I just can't quite figure out if I should go for the red or the black one. Time will show!

BFSC Wear something that you normally wouldn't wear

 I can't believe this is my last entry for the Big Fat Summer Challenge. It feels sad and good at the same time. Sad because I've been having so much fun with it and good because I'm kinda proud of myself for doing it and pushing my fashion boundaries the way I have. So before we go on to today's outfit I just want to say thank you to everyone who wrote sweet comments along the way, thanks to all the wonderful ladies who took part in the challenge for being an inspiration and thanks to Jennifer for hosting the challenge.

So... At this time in the challenge, to me, it seems a little strange to check of the "something you normally wouldn't wear" just because I've already done that a "million" times before during this challenge. I mean... I did it when I wore a bodycon outfit, I did it when I wore short shorts, I did it when I wore the two piece bikini/swimsuit and the sleeveless and the strappless and the cropped top, the high waisted bottom (especially without my tights) and the "Hi Lo" because of the stripes.

So I thought... What to do now? And I decided to have fun with it - and besides my shoes and my new denim jacket and my new earrings I wore things that have been lying around but haven't been used in ages.

Dress - H&M / Denim Jacket - Zizzi Jeans / Shoes - ShoeBiz
Hat - Trend Accesories / Tights - Salling / Rose on hat - H&M
I normally don't wear dresses that are this short and I normally don't wear bright coloured tights because I think it draws too much attention to my thighs. Also the dress is full of sequins and usually I don't wear too glittery stuff. I normally don't wear really red lipstick and hats because I think it feels and looks too dressed up. And I normally wouldn't wear black nail polish because I've always felt it was for the "cool and brave" girls that don't mind what other people thinks.

Instead of painting my nails all black I did something I normally wouldn't do. I did a... do you call it a manicure even when it's just one nail and when the nail got messed up when I put on my tights? Nail polish is a tricky little devil... Even when you've waited for it since forever to dry, it's never dry enough to put on tights. Anyway! I tried to do a fishbone-print on one nail - inspired by the lovely Mette who's doing all sorts of pretty things on her nails.

I don't know if you can tell how it looks at all from these pictures. I hope you can get the idea, 'cause a close close up is not an option after the sabotage of my tights.

And in the end, to finish this challenge, kisses to all of you for being wonderful!

Oh and by the way we we're so lucky to even get these shots. As we stepped out of our home I said to my boyfriend "Let's just take them here", 'cause I had the feeling that the heavy grey clouds above us weren't going to hang there long. And I was right. We had just stepped inside when the biggest raindrops started banging against our windows. Well, that's just how the Danish summer is.


Sunday Look Back (week #30)

Inspired by Katha's "Snaps of Happines"-posts I'm gonna give this "weekly summary"-thing a shot, because I think it's good to look back - especially on the good things. I'll see how these posts will turn out from week to week - and I guess; if they have to, the less happy things will find it's way into the posts as well, since life is full of ups and downs. 

This week's ups:

  • I had a wonderful time with my sister in Barcelona!
  • After a week with my sister and away from home it was nice to come back to the arms of my boyfriend. 
  • Summer in Denmark (which didn't last that long... Hope it'll come back. It'll come back.... right?)
  • Finally being able to make dinner on our new Smokey Joe for the first time. 
  • I was able to do my hair like this two days in a row. That's a crazy succes since I'm really bad at doing my hair. 
This week's downs:
  • I found out that my good English friend and I was in Barcelona at the same time for a few hours - after I came back. 
  • My personalized iPod broke on the airplane on the way home.
  • Spending my Sunday with a migraine.
Couldn't have done without:
  • Sunscreen
Could've done without:
  • Well... migraine and a broken iPod
Next week will be great because
  • I'll have the next few days off
  • I'll be going to a wonderful concert with my sister
  • I'll turn 23 on Friday

Oh, and now we're at the more personal things; why not ask me something you want to know about me here?


BFSC Wear a cropped top

I can't believe that after I post this, I only have one more challenge to do. The Big Fat Summer Challenge is coming to an end and I actually think it's kind of sad. I've been having so much fun with planning the outfits, pushing my comfort zone and getting inspired by all the other wonderful ladies taking part in the fun. I can't wait until Jennifer (or someone else?) will do another fall/winter/spring/summer/something-challenge. 

With this post I'll cross the cropped top of my list. Along with the two pieced bikini it send the biggest shivers down my spines and made me really nervous. I had an outfit planned in my head for quite a while, but couldn't get around to do it and then I stumpled across this top in H&M, fell in love with the colour (I've been wearing blue all summer...) and brought it home. 

At first I thought I would style it with my "Hi Lo"-skirt, but then I accidentally bought jeans as well... And a denim-jacket. Woops. So when I got back from work yesterday I did an outfit with the jeans and the top. The pictures didn't come out all that great, if you ask me, so today when I got back from work I did it with the skirt instead. And the denim jacket, because it is colder than yesterday! Apart from other shoes as well the rest is the same; same hair, same make-up, same nail-polish, same watch, same jewelry, same bag. Well, same me. And most importantly; same cropped top. And now I can't choose - so I'll show you both. 

Cropped top - H&M / Jeans - Zizzi Jeans / Shoes - ShoeBiz
Bag - Friis & Co. / Necklace - H&M
When I look at these pictures again I can't help to think, that maybe some shapewear would've done me good. But I do not own such a thing and then again... That's just how I look. I don't even really like wearing shapewear (based on the times I've tried them on...) and I won't buy one before I find one that feels comfortable. And then again; I really don't think shapewear should be mandatory just because you have wobbly bits.

Necklace - H&M / Nail polish - Depend
Earrings - From La Basilica Galeria, Barcelona
Shoes - ShoeBiz / Skirt - Newlook Inspire / Denim Jacket - Zizzi Jeans

 Okay... So even though I really like this top and it's very comfortable... After standing with my hands over my head I can't help to do this:


What would you like to know?

I'm thinking about making a "Random facts about me"-post soon. But before I do I want to ask you guys if there's anything you would like to know? If you have a question let me know and I will answer (if the question isn't too personal or... well, you know what I mean). And if you don't have any questions I'll just write something about popcorn and teeth.

Well? 1-2-3-GO!


BFSC Wear something sleeveless

 I can't believe my arms are looking SO pale in these pictures. I mean... I know... I live in Denmark, but I just came home from Barcelona! And when I look at my arms in real life I feel quite sunkissed. I guess I was just REALLY white before, and now I'm just... well, a little less really white.

I brought the sun home with me and the weather man says it'll stay for a day more. Then the rain will come back. I'm the lucky one who's working the summer days away. But I' still trying to enjoy the sun as much as possible. This afternoon I went for a walk with my boyfriend dressed all in black. Maybe it isn't the best colour for summer days, but this outfit is very comfortable. At least most of the time - more on that in a moment...

Top - Carmakoma / Jeans - Zizzi Jeans / Shoes - ShoeBiz
I fell for the weaving of the top right away, unfortunately it's very hard to take a picture of it that shows it well. But for your information (and imagination) it's all small flowers, that are twisted into each other. However... I don't wear it all that often, because the fabric is also very "wrinkly". I can hardly wear it without it getting wierd, wrinkled lines all over and it doesn't exactly look good. I litterally took these pictures just after putting it on.

And here's the reason for all the wrinkles:

The top always curls up like that. So I walk around pulling it down all the time. But then... If I don't want to stand up all day and actually sit down it's crazy how much it wrinkles. Like this dress. And it's such a shame.

Anyway; Here are a few more pictures. I usually don't go around sleeveless, but when it's really hot during summer I really can't bother...

Watch - Urban Outfitters/ Necklace - Unknown (bought in Notre Dame, Copenhagen)
Ring - Skagen / Nail polish - Essie "Size matters"
This last picture is really blurry, because we were in a pretty dark tunnel when it was taken. However the grafitti is cool and it shows the outfit pretty well anyway! 


While the sun shines

The weather man says this is the hottest day this year. I'm inside in my Carmakoma Alma dress working. I'm not complaining. Just sayin'. ;)
At least I have the time to check out this "blogging from my phone"-thing in my lunch break.


BFSC Wear something that's "Hi Lo"

Now I'm back from a wonderful week in Barcelona and I need to get on with the Big Fat Summer Challenge  - after this challenge I'm down to three more. I've really enjoyed the BFSC so far and I don't really want it to end - but I'm also really looking forward to see all the round ups of all the girls that'll finish. 

These pictures were taken in Berlin and this first outfit was planned from home. I thought about posting the outfit as the highwasted instead, but (since I already checked that challenge of the list) here it goes: something  high-low. Again; I'm sorry for all the denim jacket-outfits, but with the limited space in my suitcase I didn't have much choice. And I love that jacket so much, it's so comfy. 

Denim jacket - Cassiopeia / Top - HM+ / Skirt - New Look Inspire / Sandals - Ecco
When in Berlin.....

The next outfit wasn't planned, but when I came across the dress in H&M on sale I couldn't help it. I also wore it in Barcelona and I love how the light fabric makes it easy to breath in the heat.

Denim Jacket - Cassiopeia / Dress - HM / Leggins - Zizzi / Sandals - Ecco
Once again, I'd rather go without the leggins, but since I was walking around all day they were the most practical. It's either the leggins or painful steps because of my thighs rubbing together for too long in the heat. It's really not much of a choice... 

I thought about posting this for the "Something I normally wouldn't waer", since I normally wouldn't walk around something that is THAT striped. But I also really wanted to feature it as the high-low. And then I couldn't choose between this outfit and the other... All the choices one has to make... 

Therefore I give to you; To outfit that is "Hi Lo". And the "Something I normally wouldn't wear" will come later this week! 

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