Magnetic mode

Lately I've been drawn to magnets for writing cute messages on the fridge. I've had the pink ones above for ages, I just forgot to use them. They are Danish words and some of them are quite weird and hard to make meaningfull sentences with. So far I've written "Jeg elsker dig" (Danish for "I love you") and "Jordbær-kys" (Danish for "Strawberry-kiss") - see; the last one doesn't really make sense, but I think it sounds cute anyway. 

These ones I stumpled upon in a Danish store called "Tiger" - I guess it's pretty much like the British Poundland. They're called "gossip column"-letters and I love the almost countless variations it comes with. Here's what's on my fridge right now:

I love writing messages for my boyfriend (and my readers!!!!!) on the fridge.

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