BFSC Wear something that's "Hi Lo"

Now I'm back from a wonderful week in Barcelona and I need to get on with the Big Fat Summer Challenge  - after this challenge I'm down to three more. I've really enjoyed the BFSC so far and I don't really want it to end - but I'm also really looking forward to see all the round ups of all the girls that'll finish. 

These pictures were taken in Berlin and this first outfit was planned from home. I thought about posting the outfit as the highwasted instead, but (since I already checked that challenge of the list) here it goes: something  high-low. Again; I'm sorry for all the denim jacket-outfits, but with the limited space in my suitcase I didn't have much choice. And I love that jacket so much, it's so comfy. 

Denim jacket - Cassiopeia / Top - HM+ / Skirt - New Look Inspire / Sandals - Ecco
When in Berlin.....

The next outfit wasn't planned, but when I came across the dress in H&M on sale I couldn't help it. I also wore it in Barcelona and I love how the light fabric makes it easy to breath in the heat.

Denim Jacket - Cassiopeia / Dress - HM / Leggins - Zizzi / Sandals - Ecco
Once again, I'd rather go without the leggins, but since I was walking around all day they were the most practical. It's either the leggins or painful steps because of my thighs rubbing together for too long in the heat. It's really not much of a choice... 

I thought about posting this for the "Something I normally wouldn't waer", since I normally wouldn't walk around something that is THAT striped. But I also really wanted to feature it as the high-low. And then I couldn't choose between this outfit and the other... All the choices one has to make... 

Therefore I give to you; To outfit that is "Hi Lo". And the "Something I normally wouldn't wear" will come later this week! 

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