Sunday Look Back (Week #39)

Another week has gone by faster than I wanted it to. And faster than I thought it would. It's been a nice week and especially the weekend made the whole difference. I'm already a little stressed out about next week (guess I'm not all that good at the "living in the moment that is now"-thing) - I just cannot see how I'm supposed to make ends meet. But in the end it all works out - and even if it don't; it'll work out anyway. Having said that; this post is meant to be about the week that has gone and not so much about the one that is to come (at least not the negative things..), so...

This week's ups:

  • I've had time to be a pretty good student this week. And I've had extra time to spend on relaxing which was nice. 
  • I've had the most lovely weekend; I had a little time (and finally money) to shop friday afternoon, I enjoyed friday evening with my new fellow students, I spend all saturday afternoon down town with my boyfriend shopping for a reading lamp and eating at our favourite café and we spend saturday evening with my lovely, lovely friend. I haven't seen her since July (I think), when she went travelling in Asia. 
  • She gave me a beautiful birthday present that she bought for me on her trip.
  • I bought some lovely shoes that I've been looking for for a long time. 
  • I've been making good choices for me. 
  • It's been raining a lot, but strangely enough I only got really wet from walking in the rain once. Yesterday we ran from store to store to buy an umbrella, but as soon as we bought a bright red one and went outside the rain stopped. Also when we were going to leave the café it was pouring down, so instead we stayed inside and bought hot chocolate (for me) and beer (for my boyfriend). As soon as we sat down again the sun came out. Strange weather.

This week's downs:

  • It's been raining a lot. 
  • I've been having quite a few headaches. 
  • I kept getting all the worst subjects in Bezzerwizzer last night ;)

Next week will be great because: 

  • Because it'll go by fast, I guess. I should try to keep positive in this, but next week will be tough and I can't get around it by thinking positive. I won't hardly have time for anything and I'm already quite stressed out about how I'm going to fulfil my student part. And the "take care"-part. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg tror altså det er helt tilbage i maj vi så hinanden sidst.. ;)

    1. Seriøst?!
      Hmm! Måske. Jeg synes bare, vi så hinanden sådan rimelig tæt på, at du tog afsted. :P
      Hvornår var du på Bornholm? For det var lige sådan cirka derefter.

    2. Så vi hinanden efter Bornholm? Altså jeg holdte fødselsdag der i slutningen af maj, jeg var på bornholm den 16-17 juni - jeg var i Esbjerg den 20-23 juni, var det der? Også havde jeg eksamen ugen efter inden jeg rejste den 30. ;)

    3. Ja, det gjorde vi. Det er jeg ret sikker på. ;) Så har det nok været dér. Juni så. ;)


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