Liebster Award

Søde Sarah har bedt mig om at deltage i Liebster Award - og hun er typen, der kan få mig med på det meste. Reglerne er som følger:
- Skriv 11 (eller flere) facts om dig selv
- Svar på de spørgsmål, som personen der har nomineret dig stiller
- Nominer nogle mennesker, som du gerne vil vide mere om
- Og skriv så 11 spørgsmål til dem, som de skal svare på (hvis de altså har lyst). 

Og jeg har lyst - så her kommer der altså en lang smøre om mig selv. Resten bliver på engelsk - det håber jeg, I kan leve med.

Sweet Sarah asked me to take par in the Liebster Award - and she's the type who can get me to do most things, I guess. Like buying a bikini. The rules are:
- Write up 11 (or more?) facts about yourself
- Answer the questions given by the person who tagged/nominated you
- Tag some folks you'd like to know more about
- Write up 11 question for those people. 

And I feel like doing this - so prepare for a lot of talking... about me. The rest of this post will be in English.

First thing to do is to figure out 11 facts about me... I already find this hard to be honest. 
  1. My boyfriend says I'm "a nerd in a funny way", because it's got nothing to do with maths, physics or computers. I'm an cultural anthropology nerd and will see the anthropological relevance in almost anything. 
  2. As long as I can remember I've been very fond about liquorice. Especially the Danish salty one. If you don't know it and come to Denmark you should try it - but I'm not sure you'd like it. I've given it to several foreign people and only a few liked it. If I'm going to be away from Denmark for a while I will think about bringing salty liquorice with me. Seriously.
  3. I've got a celebrity crush on Eddie Redmayne. 
  4. When I was younger I couldn't pee if someone was looking. When my mum, sister and I went shopping and went to the same bathroom they had to stand in the corner with their eyes in the wall.
  5. I was never really fond of sports. I tried handball a few times, dancing, swimming and even teakwondo. I played tennis for a few years though. And lately I've fallen in love with Zumba. 
  6. I guess I was kind of a weird child - back then I was probably a nerd in a funny way too. I remember once in school when we were to hand in an essay on whatever subject we wanted I wrote about... Well, everyone else probably wrote fairytales or about why football was cool. I wrote a historical essay about the oldest town of Denmark, called Ribe. You know... About the kings and queens who used to live there, the churches and so on... 
  7. Once I also wrote an "entire book" about Danish Christmas traditions and their origins. Weird kid.
  8. When I was 15 I was a real pop music kinda gal. I remember one day when I was going to visit my boyfriend at the time - he was home alone and was in the shower when I got there. And he had turned the music up in his room so he could hear it in the bathroom. I was too afraid to go to his room because the music was too heavy and frightening to me, so I just sat in the hall talking with his dog. Later I found out that the music playing was by the Danish rock band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. The funny thing is: It's not heavy. AT ALL! I was just listening to too much sugar sweet pop at the time. And now I really like Dizzy Mizz Lizzy too. 
  9. I'm a little too fond of Pepsi Max.
  10. I'm a messy sleeper. I rotate a lot during the night so I often wake up with practically no sheet beneath me. Or with the duvet completely messed up in the covers. Luckily my boyfriend hardly ever notices - he's a heavy sleeper. 
  11. I met my current boyfriend (almost four years now) online. We met the first time on my birthday at a parking lot with my entire family because they were helping me move to Aarhus. Nine days later we were girlfriend and boyfriend. 
If you were invited to a costume party and you had unlimited funds for said costume, what would it be?
I'm not sure. To be honest I've never really been a fan of costume parties. Sure, they can be fun. But you know what can be fun too? To come as yourself, just as you are. I know... We all dress up more or less to go to parties anyway. But I can get a bit frustrated about costume parties because... Well, what if I just want to wear my new pretty blue dress? 
Having said that... I would probably go with a pretty cindarella-princess-ish gown. I guess we all have a small princess dream hidden somewhere... 

Who is your favourite band or artist and why? Keep in mind that "just because" is totally a valid answer. 

The answer to this question is: Tina Dico. She's a Danish sing and songwriter and I've been listening to he r music for... Probably around seven or eight years. Some people find her music boring, I find it relaxing and inspiring. She tells stories beautifully and she's been the soundtrack for so many situations in my life with beautiful life lessons as: "Sometimes the fastest way to get there is to go slow", "It's not about taming your pain and your fear and your enemy - you gotta let it all loose and surrender to life's uncertainty" and so on. Also I adore her in concert and I've seen her live more times than I could propably recall. Here's one of my favourite songs that's calmed me down so many times:

If you could afford anything what you want, in whatever size will fit your perfectly, what would be your perfect outfit, and what would it be for? A picnic? A gala? An extremely difficult recon mission?
Uhm... Let me think... Right now I can't stop thinking about a Carrie Bradshaw-ish tutu and Paris. I would love to go to Paris. And feel all girly. In a tutu. With cake. French cake. How can you not love French cake? Not the macarons though. They can keep those for themselves. 

How has your favourite book affected you?

Is it okay to answer: "I'm not sure" again? I really don't know. I don't even know what my favourite book is. I guess when I was younger Harry Potter kinda gave me hope, that I wasn't all weird and that Hagrid would come and pick me up and apologize for not getting me sooner (since I was turned 11 years ago). It was a weird dream though 'cause I always got homesick when I had to spend a night away from my family at home. And I was so scared of You Know Who... So why I wanted to go to Hogwarts is a mystery. I guess I just wanted to be Hermiones best clever friend. Since then I've been fascinated with several books, but right now Khaled Hosseini and Ken Follett comes to mind especially. 

You're able to take a trip anywhere in the world, for however long as you choose. Where would you go? How long would you stay? How would you get there? Sky's the limit here.

What if the trip was a "go around the world trip"? Would that be okay? There are so many places I want to go to and I would love to take a year out and just do it... However I'm the kind of person that really begins to miss her home after a week or so, so maybe I would be better off by just travelling often. Like once a month. For a weekend. Or a week. Or two weeks at a time. Depending on the destination. 
Right now I'm dreaming about New York and I would probably stay for a week or two. 

What did you want to be when you grow up? What about now?
When I was in kindergarten I remember wanting to be a cleaning lady. Because the cleaning lady at my kindergarten was so nice. I couldn't pronounce it correctly back then and I guess I left the dream behind quite quickly. At around age 13 though I actually worked cleaning the office of the priest who was going to do my confirmation. Later I wanted to be a teacher. Later again, around age 15, I wanted to become a journalist. I took a gap year between high school and university and I sometimes worked as a temp at a school. And I also worked as a youth journalist at the local newspaper for several years. So I guess I can say all my dreams have come true - kind of. I still want to be a journalist though. And a cultural anthropologist. At a newspaper. Writing portraits of interesting people and societies, describing how they percieve and understand the world they live in. 

How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging about one and a half year ago. I started it because I decided, that sometimes you have to be the change you want to see in the world. Back then I couldn't find a lot of plus size bloggers, at least not Danish, so I decided to start one myself. Afterwards I stumbled across more plus size blogs than I have time to read though... 

What do you want from your own blog?

I guess I just wanted to be inspired. By others who I hoped would become a part of my blogging network and by myself as well. And I'm getting that from my blog. It makes me want to be inspired. Not every day - some days I just need to wear something that's not special at all. Maybe just sit in my pj's all day. I want to feel inspired and I want to feel confident. I don't every day. But most days I do. And I think that's partly because I make sure I feel pretty in the way I dress. That might sound superficial, but if it makes me feel better about myself and love myself more, then that's okay. I know I'm more than what I wear and how I look - but I don't see why I shouldn't be able to like what I see in the mirror every day. And I get that from my blog, because it inspires me to do so. And because my readers inspires me to do so with their lovely comments. Some tells me that I inspire them as well and that's huge for me. Really... I think that's the greatest compliment anyone could ever get. 

What is your least favourite food?

I'm not sure (have I said that too much?). Really - I'm almost omnivorous. Or at least I'll taste anything and like it more or less. I can't really think of anything I cannot eat if I have to. Maybe pork liver would be on the top of the list of food I have to force down though. 

You spend all day breezing through about a season and a half of a show on Netflix. What is that show?

Probably Glee. Or Desperate Housewives. Or Big Bang Theory. Or Glee. 

What's one thing you've always wanted to learn about, or learn to do?

To play an instrument. The piano or the guitar (I play a little, but I'm not very good). Or well... I guess that's not all true. I didn't want to learn when I was a child. But I wish I did. 

And the nominees are: I would love to see something from Katha, Miss Biggy and Ela. If you want to answer as well - feel free to do so! I would love to know about you too!

My questions to you are:
  1.  What's your favourite place on earth?
  2.  What's the best concert you have gone to? And why?
  3. Why did you start your blog?
  4. Who inspires you and why?
  5. Where would you like to be right now, if you could go anywhere?
  6. What do you want to get from blogging?
  7. What's you're favourite piece of clothing right now?
  8. It's Sunday and you can do whatever you want: what would you do to make the day perfect?
  9. What's your favourite piece of music? Why?
  10. Do you have any words of wisdom you live by? What is it?
  11. What's your best experience in connection to blogging?
And that's it! Are you still there?!

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  1. Oh, I loved your answers! I've now learned that I also have a crush on Eddie Redmayne (I Googled him, and I can see why you like him) and that Tina Dico's music is absolutely beautiful.
    This was great! :)


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