Tips for Hamburg - anyone?

Min kæreste og jeg har snakket meget om at tage en lille januarstur et sted hen. Så gik vi fra det igen, snakkede om det igen, glemte det igen, besluttede os for at lade være. Og lige nu har vi besluttet os for at gøre det alligevel! Vi har fundet et godt tilbud på det dejlige hotel, vi boede på sidst og på fredag tager vi bussen derned og trækker stikket ud weekenden over. Det bliver skønt!

Og nu mangler jeg bare jeres hjælp - hvad er jeres bedste (dame-plus size og herre) shoppetips, spisetips og oplevelsestips til Hamburg? På forhånd tak!

So my boyfriend and I have been talking alot about going somewhere in the end of January. Then we talked about not going, talked about going again, forgot about it, decided not to go. And just now we decided to go anyway! We got a great offer on the lovely hotel we stayed at last time and friday we'll be going by bus and stay for the weekend. It will be great!

And now I just need your help (and yes; lovely, beautiful German girls I am especially talking to you) - what's your best (plus size woman and (not plus sized) gentlemen) shopping tips, dining tips and must see-tips for Hamburg? Thank you so much already!
If you feel better writing your tips in German feel free to do so! Danke schön!

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  1. Ich wünsche euch beiden ein richtig schönes Wochenende in Hamburg. Der Zoo ist immer ein Besuch wert.

    LG, P

    1. Danke schön!!! :D

  2. Anonym21.1.13

    Hey, have you ever been to the "Dungeons" before? It was much fun to me!

    1. I've never been to the "Dungeons" before, no! Isn't it a scary place to be? ;)

  3. Anonym22.1.13

    Das Kurvenhaus ist sehr zu empfehlen :) Have fun :)

    1. Danke schön! I just read about it online - it sounds cool!

  4. Was mir noch eingefallen ist, ist das Miniatur Eisenbahn Museum und herlich zum Tee trinken ist das Teehaus von Meßmer.

    1. Thank you for the tip! I guess we're gonna need a lot of hot drinks! I guess we'll just end up at Starbucks alot, since we don't have Starbucks in Denmark. But I'll be sure to keep this in mind if I feel more like having tea than coffee!

    2. Anonym24.1.13

      I will try to write in english. So let's go ;)
      The Dungeon is very amusing, and for me - of course - a little bit scary. If you want to drink something in the night, i can advise you the "Schanzenviertel".
      Ulla Popken, H&M,...

  5. Hi Malene,

    when will you come? I life in Hamburg!
    Send me a mail, if you have time for a date :-)

    I could recommended the area "Schanze" at the subway startion "Sternschanze" as well. There are many little shops, coffeshops, bars and restaurants and not the brands you'r find anywhere. Unfortunatelly no plus sizes. But a interesting area to hang around.

    Many Greetings

    1. Hi Ulrike

      Thank you so much for your tip! I'll be in Hamburg Friday evening and go back on Monday. I'm not sure we'll have time to meet up though - sorry!

      I've been reading about "Schanze" today and it sounds cool! Can't wait to go there.

      Malene xx

  6. I'd also recommend the Schanze, Planten un Blomen is very nice, I also like it in the winter-time.
    The Hagenbecks Tierpark Aquarium and the Planetarium were also nice indoor activities I enjoyed.
    As for shopping, near the main station is the big shopping street with all big shops (H&M, Zara,..), nice little shops are in the Schanze, also on Saturday a flea market.
    Ah! Hafen City is also very nice for a walk. ;)


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