Curvy Confidence: Denise Bidot and Zizzi

Jeg følte mig virkelig inspireret af denne udgave af Zizzi Magazine. Magasinet er virkelig flot udført og modellen Denise Bidot er mere end lækker!

I really felt inspired by the latest edition of Zizzi Magazine. The magazine itself was beautiful and so was plus size model Denise Bidot - she's more than hot!

Tjek magasinet ud her!

The magazine is in Danish, but who said you couldn't just look
at pictures? Go check it out here!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Marlene, thanks so much for this post. I love Zizzi. Right now I wear a Zizzi jeans *g* And in my wandrobe are more things from zizzi and Zj. The look of the north are great and totally my thing.
    And in the magazine I saw Trine from the Zizzi Store in Hjørring. I looked and think, hey I know her.

    Greetings, P

  2. This Blog is awesome! I enjoy it really.
    I follow you now, please follow back :)


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