Picture Spam: Take a walk with me in Ribe

This post is really untypical, but as I was walking around the oldest town of Denmark I couldn't stop taking pictures of pretty, old doors and other details. And when I got home I didn't know what to do with them. So here you have it... A walk around the Danish town Ribe (I am told it's called Ripen in German). The town was founded in year 710 AD. These pictures really doesn't do the town any justice - I've always loved walking around the small streets, looking at all the crooked and old details. I love breathing the history and the charm. 

And last Sunday, when I was walking around, I was loving the doors - obviously. Most of the doors are just random pictures, but some of them actually comes with some kind of story or thought. I hope some of you like this post - if you don't; well... Then this is just the strangest blog post you've ever seen. 

The church in the background is where I go on Christmas (if I go to church that is). And check out the door. It's so
small... And crooked. Everything in Ribe is crooked.
I mean.... Look at this house. And the bicycle. It's almost as big as the crooked, little house. Actually
this is the smallest house in Ribe. And I find it really charming.

My mom was actually born behind this door.

And the church again. And a charming pumpkin. Actually Halloween isn't that big a deal here in Denmark.
But I think these pumpkins look nice.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Anonym24.10.12

    Aww I really like this post :) I notice such details myself a lot and you really make me wanna visit the oldest town of Denmark (or Denmark at all XD) some day :D


    1. You should go if you have the chance! It's such a charming town.

  2. That brings memories back. I was 3 times in Ribe. Lovely little town!!

    Greetings, P

    1. Aw, I'm glad it did! It is a lovely little town, indeed. :)


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