OOTD: I blame it on the time

As soon as I saw these pictures I told my boyfriend that he could've told me that my hair looked kind of weird and that my earring turned upside down. One could argue that I could have looked in the mirror before I asked him to take the pictures, but... I guess I didn't feel like I had the time. We were just about to go to the theatre and just wanted to take a few, quick pictures. Guess it went a little too quick. 

Anyway! Here's what I wore Thursday:

Cardigan - Zhenzi / Shirt - Nanna XL / Jeans - H&M+
Scarf - Bit'avant / Boots - Roots

3 kommentarer:

  1. wonderful outfit - the shirt suits you so nice :)

  2. lovely dress and a wonderful top!

  3. I love the Cardigan and your Blouse with the little swallows on it!!


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